The challenge

LSC wanted to promote a higher level of in-class collaboration, a goal for which screen sharing is essential. But the challenges were daunting: cost is a chief concern, as is the myriad devices students bring to class.

As it was, IT staff faced a staggering number of support tickets, and the thought of helping students successfully connect their Apple, Google and Microsoft devices to the in-class screens was a show stopper. Any screen sharing solution would need to be absolutely seamless, meaning students could access and share the screen quickly and easily and without any IT assistance.

Additionally, the IT staff needed the ability to update, manage and maintain the technology remotely, as the current level onsite visits and ticket backlog prevent IT staff from focusing on more strategic projects.

The solution

LSC’s IT decided to test Airtame’s screen sharing and collaboration platform, and to their delight discovered it is truly device agnostic. Both professors and students can access the in-class screens via their Chromebooks, laptops, tablets or smartphones quickly and seamlessly.

Airtame Cloud offers remote, all-in-one cloud management, enabling IT staff to manage and monitor Airtame devices from a central location. “I really like the cloud management. I like how easy it is to update, we’re able to select all of our devices and update them with one click,” said Carly Beckwith, Technology Support Specialist. They can also troubleshoot and resolve the rare issues with the Airtame devices, distribute content to on-campus screens, or delegate content distribution to faculty heads or student groups who prefer to generate specific content for their departments.

Because Airtame requires no cables and supports remote activation, it took less than a month to upgrade 80% of LSC’s classrooms.

The results

Airtame’s simple-to-use interface and reliable performance made a huge impact on the IT department’s workload. “Before discovering Airtame, we tried all different kinds of wireless solutions. They all had their quirks and problems,” explained Ryan Schaefer, Network Administrator at Lake Superior College. “Before using Airtame we saw about 300 tickets per semester. After installing Airtame we’re dropped that by 75% to 80%. It was the solution we had been looking for all those years.”

In addition to being very cost effective, implementing and maintaining Airtame is easier and less time consuming. “Products like Airtame are essential to our goals for Active Learning,” said Steven Fudally, Chief Information Officer. “Students learn better when technology is easy to use and can accommodate their existing devices. We are thrilled that Airtame meets all of those criteria and is affordable.

Going wireless also had a significant impact on teaching. “It has changed my way of teaching because we no longer have the cables,” said Sarah Bustrom of the Mathematics Facility. “I can spend more time teaching and work with the students.”

See Airtame in action

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