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Lake Superior College

Lake Superior College offers more than 90 certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs in technical fields as well as pre-baccalaureate majors for students transferring to a 4-year institution afterward. It’s located in Duluth, Minnesota.





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The challenge

Lake Superior College was looking for high tech gear to refit in many of their classrooms that would fit their budget frame.

They also had a staggering amount of IT support tickets that craved the IT staff’s attention; attention taken away from much more important tasks, so the technology they were looking for had to definitively decrease the amount of IT support tickets.

Another struggle Lake Superior College faced was the inability to update, manage, and maintain technology because that often requires on-site, physical assistance. In addition to reducing the number of support tickets and fitting their budget, the technology implemented should be easier to maintain remotely.

The solution

From Chromebooks to Macbooks and iPhones, Airtame was the all-in-one and simple solution that best fit their collaborative BYOD (Bring Your Own Device: platform-agnostic) environment for both students and teachers.

Airtame is also an all-in-one solution that provides screen sharing as well as device management and easy online maintenance. Giving Lake Superior College an overview of all devices as well as the option to perform bulk updates was just what they needed.

It took less than a month to update roughly 80% of Lake Superior College’s campus technology (90 classrooms) because there were no cables to deal with and less staff required to get Airtame up and running.

The results

Airtame’s simple-to-use interface and reliable performance made a huge impact on Lake Superior College’s IT department. Whereas the IT team once had around 300 support tickets per semester, that number was reduced to 75-80% of what it used to be after the Airtame rollout.

“Before discovering Airtame, we tried all different kinds of wireless solutions. They all had their quirks and problems,” noted Ryan Schaefer, Network Administrator at Lake Superior College. “We got our hands on our first Airtame device, and it was just very easy … It was the solution we had been looking for all those years.”

All the Airtame devices can be managed and updated from the cloud, which saves time and makes for a smoother IT operation for everyone during school hours.

The implementation not only made support and maintenance easier and less time-consuming, it also fit the budget constraints without compromising on quality. “We need products like Airtame to continue leading in the effort to make friendly, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to help guide our students in Active Learning,” said Steven Fudally, Chief Information Officer.

Going wireless also had a significant impact on teaching. “It has changed my way of teaching because we no longer have the cables,” said Sarah Bustrom from the Mathematics Facility. “I can spend more time teaching and work with the students.”

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