Clickshare vs Airtame

What’s the difference between Barco Clickshare and Airtame? To help you make the right choice for your needs, we want to give a fair comparison between the two.

Both are quality cableless HDMI solutions tailored for professional use. Unlike products like Chromecast and Apple TV, Clickshare and Airtame are targeted for the professional use. However, there are major differences between Clickshare and Airtame that are important to know before buying.


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Affordable Clickshare alternative

A major difference between Clickshare and Airtame is the price. While Clickshare sells for a range of $999 to $3,550, Airtame has a reasonable price tag at $299 that can fit the budget of any business or educational institution. Both are great wireless solutions, so choosing between the two is a matter of which features are more important to your company.

Clickshare button vs Airtame software

Clickshare and Airtame use similar technologies, however, Clickshare requires a device plugged into your computer, while Airtame uses an application and only requires a device plugged into the TV or projector.

The Clickshare button makes this solution convenient for users who prefer not to have preinstalled software on their computer. The Clickshare button contains an extra WiFi adapter that connects directly to the base station, which is connected to the screen. The main benefits of this is that it is plug and play and requires no administrative rights on the machine you are streaming from.

Airtame uses software and your inbuilt WiFi chip to connect to the screen. This is ideal for users who do not want to plug a device into their computer. The upside is that no matter what plugs your computer hooks up to, it will work with Airtame. You can also move around more freely, since you won’t have anything hanging from your computer.

Clickshare clicker vs Airtame app

Video streaming quality

Video streaming with Clickshare is not ideal, because there’s no optimized video mode to give a smooth video stream.

Airtame offers a streaming option that is optimized for video. This introduces a buffer of 1 second between your computer and the Airtame powered screen or projector. That way, your video runs smoothly and the image and audio are in sync.

Mobile apps

Both Clickshare and Airtame offer mobile apps with similar functionality. For example, both apps stream static documents, such as Word documents, PDFs, or images, and no video.

Airtame also has a presentation mode where you can show your PowerPoint and Keynote presentation on the TV or projector, while seeing upcoming slides. When presenting with Airtame push notifications, and so forth, remain private as they are only shown on your mobile or tablet.

Clickshare can only stream to mobile devices using the Clickshare’s own WiFi (rather than your company WiFi), which could be inconvenient for a user looking for more flexibility. It also means that you will need to switch back and forth between WiFi networks on your mobile device.

Clickshare mobile vs Airtame mobile

Multiple users vs multiple screens

Clickshare’s top feature, aside from its plug and play functionality, is the ability for multiple users to share to the same TV screen. Up to 4 people can share their computer screen on the TV simultaneously and 8-25 people can connect to Clickshare depending on what model you buy.

With Airtame one user can stream to the screen at the time. However you can stream your computer screen to multiple screens, as long as each screen has an Airtame plugged in and is connected to the same WiFi network.

Clickshare multiple screen share vs Airtame stream to multiple screens

Portable device vs stationary device

Airtame is a portable device that fits in your pocket, so you can present wirelessly on-the-go. This is ideal for presenters who travel often or for consultants who move around to different clients offices.

Clickshare is designed for more stationary installation in your meeting room and is not a solution you can carry around with you.

Tip: Use a battery bank and the Airtame’s own network to start a wireless presentation within a matter of seconds.

Bottom Line

Clickshare is a great high-end solution for the board room. The price and the fact that you need USB “buttons” for each user who wants to stream, makes this a less scalable solution.

Airtame is an affordable Clickshare alternative that is still easy to use and scalable across the whole company. Airtame’s app makes it convenient and simple to use for users who want the freedom and flexibility to move around with their devices.

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We aim to be as objective as we can in this article to give a fair comparison between Clickshare and Airtame.