Vivi vs Airtame 2

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Vivi vs Airtame 2

Vivi Alternative
What’s the difference between Vivi and Airtame 2?

Airtame and Vivi offer wireless screen sharing. Both solutions provide a physical product (the receiver) which connects to an HDMI display (or VGA display with an adapter). Here we provide a feature comparison between Airtame 2 and Vivi.

Please note that all technical specifications are taken directly from Vivi’s website. In cases where pricing is not directly listed online, we include the quoted reseller price.

Airtame 2 Vivi
Powering AC adapter or Power over Ethernet AC adapter or Power over Ethernet
Windows Airtame app + Miracast Vivi app
macOS Airtame app + AirPlay Vivi app
Chromebook Airtame app + Google Cast Vivi app
Linux Airtame app + Google Cast Vivi app
iOS AirPlay Vivi app
Android Google Cast + Miracast Vivi app
Resolution 1080p up to 60 fps 1080p up to 30 fps
Presenter mode Single window sharing (app) + extended desktop (Miracast) Extended desktop
One-to-many screen sharing
Touchback support With Miracast
Works on enterprise networks
Pin code connect
Web Proxy support
Kensington lock slot
Device management
Bulk updates Vivi Central
Remote updates Vivi Central
Different access levels Vivi Central
Moderator mode
Digital signage
Websites Vivi Central
Custom images Vivi Central
Videos Vivi Central
Productivity apps and dashboards
Calendar sync for room management
Scheduled Content Vivi Central
Power management
Sleep Schedule with CEC support

Last edited on March 15th, 2024

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