Wireless Conferencing vs. Airtame Conferencing

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Wireless Conferencing vs. Airtame Conferencing

Welcome to our hybrid conferencing product comparison series, where we’ll be comparing Airtame’s conferencing offering to the three most popular conferencing approaches: wireless conferencing, Rooms systems, and traditional cabled conferencing.

Historically, conferencing was traditionally found in the boardrooms of large organizations, but as the technology evolved, it became more accessible and widely used by businesses of all sizes. Platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and WebEx have become industry leaders, replacing many in-person meetings in this era of hybrid work.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of video conferencing, with many businesses shifting to remote work and virtual meetings (turning it from a nice to have, to a necessity).

With this shift, several different approaches emerged. In this series, we’ll be breaking down the pros and cons of each conferencing approach.

Wireless Conferencing vs. Airtame Conferencing

Wireless conferencing systems like Mersive Solstice Pod, Barco CX series, and Kramer VIA run the video call on the user’s laptop and send the output of the microphone, USB camera, and other peripherals to the user’s device wirelessly. While this video conferencing equipment has the advantage of working with all conferencing platforms right out of the box, it comes with several downsides. With video and audio sent from the room device to the laptop, this increases latency, which ruins the call experience. The quality of the video can be low, and the stability of the call tends to be poor. Your laptop’s battery drains quickly and causes your device to become slow and difficult to use. (How often have you had to scramble mid-meeting for your laptop charger to prevent a call from dropping?) Finally, the user experience is cumbersome, requiring the host to understand and control everything.

Now, let’s compare this to the Airtame solution. Not only does it offer high performance, and stable cross-platform capabilities, but it also makes for a great user experience. It starts with the Airtame Hub, the center of your hybrid meeting room. Our conferencing hardware was built specifically to control your video conferencing equipment and run heavy video calls, meaning you can rely on stable call performance, and your own device is unencumbered. It also eliminates the need for a tablet – no cumbersome “remote control” needed. Additionally, Airtame provides a flexible set-up, allowing you to choose the peripherals that best fit your needs, whether you’re in a large boardroom or a small huddle room. Not only that, but it also comes with wireless screen sharing and digital signage (in 4K), combining several of your unified communication needs into one solution!!

With Airtame Conferencing, join both Zoom or Teams meetings on the same room system with an identical user experience, regardless of the platform. You can control the call from your laptop and start screen sharing with ease, even for in-room participants. Screen sharing takes just a click – no need to even join the call. With personal calendar integration, there’s no need to invite the meeting room to the call, or go looking for the right meeting link. The Airtame app integrates with your calendar, so all you need to do is click “Join Call”.

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