Airtame in Education

Wireless classrooms made easy

Engage students with an easy to use tool for sharing a computer screen to a TV or projector. Once Airtame is installed, connecting your computer to your screen is as simple as connecting to a WiFi network: Just select the name of your Airtame device from the list of available devices in the Airtame app and click to connect. Your lessons instantly become more interactive when teachers and students can share their projects and ideas with the whole class.


You won’t find complicated installation or scary software here. Airtame is designed to be as simple to use as possible. Instead of worrying about connecting to the classroom screen, you can focus on connecting with your students.


Teaching is no longer a one way street. Give students the chance to get involved in the lesson by easily connecting their device to the screen, even from the back of the room. Students can instantly share their ideas and let their creativity shine.

IT admins

Airtame is the most affordable wireless streaming solution on the market that is designed for professional use. It is easy to implement and manage, no matter the size of your school or district. Check our deployment guidefor the best setup for your school.

“We had the legacy wiring in the wall, VGA with audio, some s-video. And the teachers were complaining that they weren’t able to use HDMI technology. We got one of your trial devices, plugged it in, and it worked the first time through, and it was something that our teachers could now stream HDMI without having to fully plug in the VGA cable and the sound cable at the same time.”

Ellen Schuck, Director of Technology at Hudson Public Schools

Hudson Public Schools

Customer Story

Airtame installed in 20+ classrooms

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BYOD Ready

Airtame mirrors your entire computer screen from Mac, Windows, and Linux. Use our mobile app on Android and iOS devices to show presentations. With Airtame, everyone in your device agnostic classroom can connect quickly and easily.

We don’t currently support full screen mirroring on mobile.

BYOD ready classroom

Personalized classroom

Custom backgrounds

When no one is streaming to Airtame, you can change the background to show a customized website. We call this a dashboard, because you control what is displayed, whether it’s the daily lesson plan, important information, or a photo showing your school spirit.

Explore the dashboard feature here
Custom background on TV

Control streams with

Pin code connect

You will be able to set Airtame to require a randomly generated 4 digit pin code to start streaming. This will ensure that people connect to the right screen and that your lesson isn’t interrupted by unwanted users from another room.

Device connecting with pin code

WPA2 Enterprise

Airtame works on school and guest networks, such as eduroam. Just type in a username and password, or upload your certificate when connecting Airtame to your school WiFi.

Ethernet connection

In a noisy WiFi environment, connect Airtame to your network with an ethernet cable. Of course, it’s still wireless to stream to Airtame (note: micro ethernet adapter not included).

Easy installation

It’s easy to install Airtame across large or small institutions. Whether you’re setting up Airtame with a WiFi or VLAN network, Airtame seamlessly integrates with your current network infrastructure.

Connect with IP

If you prefer not to have multicast enabled on your network, you can still easily connect to Airtame by typing in its unique IP address.

Over the air updates

Airtame gets new features and improvements over-the-air. You have the choice to either receive updates automatically or manually trigger them.

5GHZ Support

Airtame supports dual-band operation, allowing you to connect on different bands for more flexibility and less interference.

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