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Trusted by 20.000+ forward-thinking workplaces

Screen sharing from any device

Present instantly to big displays – cable-free

Digital signage made easy

Captivate employees and guests with compelling content

Remote, all-in-one Cloud management

Centrally manage and update devices, settings, and signage

Benefits for employees and guests


Inclusivity is important in a modern office environment. Airtame supports a multiple-platform environment where employees and guests can present from any device or OS.

Presenter mobility

Giving users the freedom to present from anywhere in the room while sharing content.

Bespoke messaging

Tailored digital signage helps employees and guests stay updated and informed.

Easy to use

Anyone should be able to easily share content and participate in meetings.

Powering organizations

Bond Collective sets the stage for better coworking

Creating the ideal workspace involves selecting technology solutions that encourage collaboration and engagement. Bond Collective went with Airtame for their conference rooms so that members could easily share their screens with clients and colleagues.

Daniel Wellington’s wireless offices, built by Airtame

What makes Daniel Wellington watches so remarkable is how they balance traditional elegance with the simplicity of modern minimalism. Here’s how Airtame helps them create a wireless office that is as sleek and fashionable as their watches.

Make IT administration easier

Less maintenance

Setting up and managing devices doesn’t require outside help or added costs – and all maintenance can be done from the cloud.

Cloud management

Quick setup, bulk updates, valuable digital signage customization options. Everything to get started right away.

Optimized setup

Integrations with WPA2-Enterprise, SSL certificates, and proxy networks to support your authentication protocols. Get a more stable connection through the Airtame PoE adapter.


Setup and maintenance doesn’t get more difficult just because the number of devices increases.

Why Airtame?

Price transparency

Firmware, software, tech support, and basic cloud. Everything is included in the Airtame solution, one of the most competitive enterprise solutions on the market.

Designed with users in mind

Airtame has a beautiful design that’s easy on the eyes, intelligent and less bulky than its competitors. Anyone can set it up without assistance from professional parties.

No more blank screens

We believe one device should open up for a multitude of opportunities. Turn blank screens into informational displays with our digital signage app integrations and discover a whole new world of functions.


Airtame is simple to use and supports all devices for a flexible setup and inclusive work environment, minimizing the need for IT support.

Safe, scalable and secure

Our PIN Code Connect feature keeps outsiders from disrupting screen sharing sessions. And with the Kensington lock slot, no one can snatch away the physical device either.

Modern cloud management

10, 100 or 1000 Airtames; bulk edit and manage multiple locations all from your desk via the Airtame Cloud.

See Airtame in action