Introducing Airtame 2.0

Airtame 2.0 is our biggest update yet. The device itself is the same, but all the code that makes it run has been totally redone. Go update today and experience the leap forward.

Here's what’s included with the 2.0 update from our CEO and Co-Founder, Jonas Gyalokay
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Why 2.0 now?

In June 2015, we publicly launched Airtame running firmware 1.0. Now, after a year of grinding away and improving every day, we are happy to present you with Airtame 2.0.

The important takeaway here is that 2.0 is no ordinary update.

It’s a complete rewrite of the entire code base knitting Airtame together. After all the sweat we poured into the first version, why did we decide to rewrite our code? The short answer: it wasn’t good enough.

What you will notice

With the 2.0 update, you should notice an overall better and more stable performance. You will see that the Airtame browser that is running on the screen when you are not actively streaming, is faster, more communicative, and it provides you with relevant information making it easier to stream than ever before.

In the long run, Airtame 2.0 lays the foundation for functionality that we’ve wanted for a long time. You can safely expect more innovations from us in the future.

To take advantage of these improvements, you do not have to purchase a new piece of hardware.

Just update your Airtame computer application and your Airtame device, and all of these developments are yours for free.

The specifics

  • More reliable and stable streaming
  • Runs more types of dashboards
  • Customizable background images
  • New 1-2-3 guide for new users
  • Pin code connect
  • Enabling upcoming Cloud platform

Check out the full scoop below.

New features

There are a bunch of new features and improvements for you in the 2.0 update. Below, we go into more detail on how these improvements work, and how you can use them.

Pin Code Connect

In your device settings, you will see a new toggle button called Pin Code.

With Pin Code Connect enabled, your Airtame will ask you to enter a 4-digit randomly generated pin code every time you start a new stream. This is an easy way to make sure you don’t accidentally stream to the wrong screen.

Learn more here.

New browser supports more dashboard services

We upgraded the Airtame browser that runs when you are not actively streaming. The new browser supports more dashboards, services, and websites.

Learn how to set a dashboard here.

Guide mode

You can now make the splash screen your own by uploading your own background image, like your company logo. You can also choose between 3 splash screen modes, one of which offers a Guide mode.

With this mode selected, Airtame will show a set of instructions on the left side of the screen. This 1-2-3 guide tells the user how to connect and share content to the screen.

This is especially great for screens sitting in rooms with a lot traffic and new users who might not be familiar with Airtame.

Airtame Cloud

In the fall of 2016, we will also launch the Airtame Cloud ☁️ Platform. This will enable you to manage and monitor multiple Airtame devices at once, from one place.

It is currently in a closed beta phase, but we are already getting some exciting feedback from the schools and companies who have been testing it so far.

Using the Airtame Cloud will be really easy.

In the Settings tab, you will see an option called Cloud Token. You can paste the token generated by the Airtame Cloud in this field. When done, the selected Airtame will now be visible in your Airtame Cloud.

If you want a first look at this feature and at the same time help us improve it, please email our Sales team for beta access.

Get more info about the Cloud here.

Listing available Airtames faster

The refactoring also improved how fast your Airtame app finds available Airtames on your WiFi network. Update your app, then open it and see how quickly the available Airtames near you are displayed.

How to update

What do I need to do?

You need to make sure that both the app on your computer and the firmware running the Airtame are updated.

Update the app

When updates for the app are available, a green banner will appear. Just click update.

If you don’t see a green banner, you are already running the latest version and don’t need to update.

Download the latest app

Update the firmware

To update the firmware, click the gear icon next to the Airtame in the list of devices. Then go to the Updates tab. Here, you can start the update by clicking the green button.

Read this more detailed guide on how to update Airtame.

How long does it take to complete the update?

The Airtame app on the computer normally updates in under a minute.

The firmware running on the Airtame dongle should take around 15 minutes to update, depending on your internet connection.

Can I get help if I have problems updating?

Absolutely! Start by sending an email to our Customer Experience team and describe what went wrong. From there, we’ll consider whether it’s best to send you an email with instructions or schedule a call with you to go through everything step by step.

What’s next on the roadmap?

Since our Indiegogo campaign, we have learned a lot about roadmapping for successful product development.

Airtame is quite complex in terms of product development. We have to make the hardware, firmware and app work together seamlessly on all major platforms, simultaneously.

Our number one priority is to improve the overall experience for as many users as possible. This involves a lot of listening. Our developers are constantly asking: What are our customers saying? What can we do to improve?

In a combination of market feedback, technology trends and our own gut feelings, we try to prioritize all of these components. We always work hard and do our absolute best to improve our product, but improving everything at once is not option.

A few of the bigger things coming before the end of 2016 include:

  • Chromebook support
  • Airtame Cloud Platform
  • Improved video streaming

Check out our roadmap and status updates on most requested features here.

Our friends from Libratone who design wireless speakers have already been using Airtame 2.0.
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