Lead Content

The role

Airtame is growing fast. This is your unique opportunity to work at one of Denmark’s most promising startups in our Copenhagen HQ.

We are looking for an industrious writer with a proven track record within content marketing, including both production and distribution, to play a vital part of building a world-class marketing and growth team at Airtame.

The goal is basically to make Airtame the thought leading company within our industry along with providing a significant impact to our revenue through content production.

There’s no must-have background for the job, but you do have to feel that these principles of the Airtame Marketing team apply to you as well:

  • We want to be world-class marketers
  • We are data driven
  • We automate
  • We aggressively scale what works
  • We obsess about quality
  • And treat people well

Your tasks

  • Communication & Positioning: You need to have a strategic mindset. We have a very clear vision on where we want to go. This includes positioning and creating our own niche. You will play a huge role in nailing down this positioning and defining the exact niche. Then, be in charge of executing the plan.
  • Content Marketing: It’s hard to find a more hyped topic in online marketing than content marketing. For us, at Airtame, what we mean by content marketing and what we need from you, is to lead the efforts of developing content of the highest quality and relevance possible for people in our industry. Not just through your own fingers, but also in a scalable collaboration with a team of freelance writers. Furthermore, content is not just a written blog post. We expect that are familiar with content like video, podcasts, infographics before as well.
  • Content Distribution: Content is not worth the time doing, if no one ever reads it. Together with the Head of Marketing, you will establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for how to do content distribution at Airtame. When those are in place, the next task is to get the content machine running in a sustainable way. The content we make needs to be tied to tangible business results and fit an overall brand positioning plan.
  • Content Production: Besides being able to write quality content yourself, you need to have experience managing freelance writers Voice and Tone: Our brand is still relatively new. It needs a skilled hand and strong voice. It needs a strategy. It needs to be connected from where we come to where we are going. We already developed some guidelines, but would love to see you guide us further forward.


  • Stellar English skills verbally as written
  • Understand technical topics and can explain them in simple terms
  • A sense for seeing and creating stories
  • Experience structuring collaborations with freelance writers
  • Know how to develop personas and how to write to these
  • Ability to make long term plans while delivering short term results
  • Of course you have some basic knowledge about SEO and can do keyword analysis
  • Experience in branding and positioning
  • Have a bit of tech savviness with video, podcasts, graphics and basic HTML
  • 4+ years of full time work experience
  • An absolute desire to keep getting better and drive Airtame forward!

What’s in it for you?

  • Play a vital part of building a world-class marketing team
  • Join an ambitious team that cares about creating a fun and healthy work community
  • An open international culture where you can see your ideas put into action right away
  • Perfect office location in the middle of Copenhagen
  • Competitive salary
  • Catered lunch and snacks

Your Application

  • If the above has lit the fire in your eyes and you feel that you could be the right candidate, send your motivated application, resume, grades, and preferably include referrals from previous employees with the subject line “Lead Content Marketer” to jobs@airtame.com.
  • Before applying, read this slideshow and let us know the biggest takeaway you get from it.
  • In this position, you will refer to our Head of Marketing, Steffen Hedebrandt.
Send that application!

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