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Book and display your meeting room schedule on a TV

Scheduling meetings and booking conference rooms can be a productivity nightmare. AskCody empowers every employee to work smarter. Save yourself some precious time. All you need is an Airtame installed in your TV and an AskCody account.

Set up Airtame

Plug Airtame into your TV and connect it to your WiFi network for internet access.

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Get your Meeting Dashboard

Connect AskCody to your Outlook, Office 365 or Google Calendar, create a Meeting Dashboard and copy its public link.

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Paste the link into your Airtame’s settings and your company’s meeting schedule will display on the screen. Now you are ready to optimize your workplace experience and get the most out of your meetings. It’s about time!

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Airtame + AskCody

Gather all scheduling and booking info in one visible place with AskCody and Airtame. Keep the office running smoothly and reduce interruptions during meetings with AskCody’s productivity platform and Airtame.

Simplify your workplace

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Go wireless and start working smarter

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What is Airtame?

Airtame is a small screen sharing device that plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector. Connect it to your WiFi network and everyone can use it wirelessly.

For wireless presentations

Stream wirelessly from all major platforms

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For dashboards

Set a dashboard or website on your TV

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What is AskCody?

AskCody is an all-in-one productivity platform that helps you simplify meeting scheduling and conference room booking. Save precious time and eliminate the nightmare of interruptions during meetings. With AskCody, it’s a great day for meetings! Go to AskCody