Airtame hybrid conferencing hero section desktop background

Make conferencing work
the way you do!

You walk into the conference room, open an app on your laptop, click on a meeting name….and you’ve joined the call. Why can’t it always be that easy?

With Airtame Rooms, running on the Airtame Hub, you can:

  • Join Microsoft Teams or Zoom calls from the same set-up
  • Rely on a wired ethernet connection for quality calls
  • Know your peripherals will always be ready to go
  • Stop worrying about a separate tablet controller
  • Screen share without even joining the call

Imagine. No more scrambling to get cables and adapters. No tablet to power up. No problem finding the right meeting link. And no feedback from someone’s unmuted laptop.

High quality hybrid calls.
Every time.

We can’t promise you’ll enjoy every video conference – but we can remove the problems with meeting tech! Let your team focus on the content of the discussion, not the quality of the call.

The Airtame Hub is attached directly to the shared screen, the external camera, and other peripherals, and is physically connected to the network. This minimizes latency and mazimizes the quality of audio and video.

With tamper-proofing and Kensington lock compatibility, you can be sure all the hardware stays in place, ready for every call

A better shared screen experience

Screen sharing? It’s as simple as you’d expect from the people who brought you the Airtame 2. Plus, in a video meeting you don’t even have to join the call – just cast to the Hub and all participants see your screen. No need to worry about nasty feedback from multiple laptop microphones in the room.

For in-person meetings, screen sharing is managed through the Airtame App, providing the same experience in every room. And you’ll also have access to Airtame’s full digital signage capability, to turn idle screens into useful sources of information.