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Taking the pain out of
hybrid meetings

Hybrid meetings are complex. And today’s conferencing technology can be frustrating. Just when everyone has become comfortable joining a conference call from home, on their laptop, we’re now moving to a hybrid office where many people are joining from a meeting room. And the challenges have changed. Is the camera connected? Did you invite the meeting room? Are you clicking on a Teams link or a Zoom invite? How do you securely share your screen with all the participants?

Imagine the day where joining a conference call from a meeting room is as easy and reliable as turning on the light switch. When you can focus on the content of the call, not the complexity of the conferencing system. A better way is on the way. Conferencing designed for a hybrid workspace.

  • A single solution for Teams and Zoom
  • Run the call through the Airtame Hub, not your laptop
  • No more missing cables and adapters
  • Secure – Stable – Easy to Use

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Airtame Rooms

  • CastYourCallTM from your laptop with the Airtame App
  • Connect to Teams and Zoom through a single interface, with more services to come
  • Integrate with your calendar to access meetings directly
  • Anyone in the room can share their screen without joining the call
  • Requires an annual subscription per installation

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The Airtame Hub

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled connection ensures low latency and reliable calls
  • All of your peripherals are securely connected, so your room setup stays in place
  • A stylish design that looks good in your meeting room
  • Built-in processing power to handle high quality calls and screen sharing

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