Focus on the Call, Not the Conferencing

Hybrid Meetings are the new normal. So why are they so bad?

70% of meetings will soon include at least one remote employee, according to research from Cisco, up from 10% pre-pandemic. A recent article in the New York Times shared that 40% of Manhattan office workers currently have a hybrid work schedule, with 54% completely remote. So hybrid meetings – with some people in the room, and others conferencing in from wherever they’ve opened their laptop that day – are here to stay.

Hybrid meetings are complex. And today’s conferencing technology can be frustrating. Poor wifi can cause lag and dropouts; missing adapters can waste precious time to replace them; software updates delay meetings; even just finding the right link in an email to join the meeting can make the best of us lose our cool.

The team at Airtame lives this reality every day, the same as everyone else. So we decided to find a way to fix it. You know us as the people who make it easy to cast whatever’s on your phone or laptop, to the shared screen on the wall.. Who better to make your life easier in hybrid meetings?

Imagine the day where starting a conference call is as easy and reliable as turning on the light switch. When you can focus on the content of the call, not the complexity of the conferencing system.

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