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The seamless hybrid meeting room

The Airtame Hub is the first conferencing solution that works with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and Webex to make every meeting room ideal for hybrid work.

Transform your organization into a hybrid work environment where every meeting space embraces hybrid work and promotes collaboration equity for everyone, including remote participants, with powerful simplicity.

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Get in the flow with Airtame

Airtame Hub is the premiere Airtame experience for screen sharing, digital signage, and seamless hybrid conferencing.

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Connect seamlessly across services

Effortlessly control your video conferencing with a single conferencing system.
Promote unified communications through simplified cross-service support.
Start a Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and Webex video call on the same room system.

Walk into your meeting room without worrying.

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Collaborate effortlessly

Boost collaboration with flexible, wireless conferencing software.
Easy screen sharing for all participants in a room, and remote attendees.
Screen share in a meeting without joining the video conference call (magic).

Do more without the hassle.

Experience the power of Airtame

With screens, powerful experiences rely on the interaction between physical environments and technology.

Make every video meeting a delight

  • Designed so every person can enjoy natural conversations in every conference room.
  • Be equipped with a hassle-free, hybrid room technology.
  • Increase productivity with a simple user experience.

Maximum quality with minimal latency

  • Run high-performance conference calls on the Airtame Hub – not your laptop ensuring a high-quality, low-latency video meeting.
  • Directly attach external cameras, microphones, and other peripherals to the Airtame Hub for a complete solution.

Leverage your screens at all times

  • Manage your devices and displays through centralized remote management.
  • Tailor digital signage through branded images, websites, video conferencing schedules, and more.
  • Stay environmentally conscious with the ability to set sleep schedules via CEC.

See the Airtame Hub in action

Experience a demonstration of seamlessly joining Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings wirelessly using the Airtame Hub device and a compatible peripheral.

Watch this video to discover the process of installing and connecting your Airtame Hybrid solution.

A loved solution

Over 10,000 organizations are already making their environments more collaborative and engaging with Airtame.

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Toms Cirvelis

VP of Products, Catchbox

“Airtame Hub itself and the whole approach is just amazing. The approach that the meeting processing is running on Airtame Hub and my computer is just a link to the meeting is great!”
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Craig Watson

Technical Analyst, Vinci Construction UK

Presenters are able to connect in under 10 seconds each time. It’s a stable and convenient solution that works so well for us!
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AIRTAME is a leader in Screen Sharing on G2AIRTAME is a leader in Team Collaboration on G2

Share to Call

With the “share to call” feature, sharing from different devices has never been easier. No matter who in the physical meeting rooms has something to share, they can easily share their screen into the hybrid conferencing call using the Airtame app.

You no longer need to log into the conference call on the laptop and struggle with audio feedback loops and unwanted webcam feeds.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need both Airtame Hub and Airtame Rooms?

Yes. Airtame Hybrid integrates with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, and Webex and runs on our new device, Airtame Hub. Airtame Hub is the hardware you connect to all the peripherals in your meeting room like a TV, camera, microphone, and speakers. Then, power and connect Airtame Hub to your network with PoE+ or use the power adapter.

Do I need a license for Microsomt Teams, Zoom etcetera?

No. To join calls using these services, you do not need additional licenses like Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom Rooms.

How much does the solution cost?

The Airtame Hub is available for a one-time fee of $899, while Airtame Rooms is included with the Hybrid Screen subscription, which costs $300 per year.

Where can I buy Airtame Hub and Airtame Rooms?

You can buy right here on our website or through one of our supported distributors and resellers.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the price.

What is required to use Airtame conferencing?

Other than Airtame Hub, which comes with a 1-year subscription to the required Airtame Rooms software, you need to have a camera, microphone, and speaker that you plug into Airtame Hub. You also need a TV. If you have PoE+ support on your network, you can both connect and power Airtame Hub with an Ethernet cable. If not, you can power using a power adapter.

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