Why you should consider the Airtame 1 Upgrade Program

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Why you should consider the Airtame 1 Upgrade Program
October 15th, 2020

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Airtame 1 Upgrade Program, where you can trade-in your Airtame 1 device(s), and land a great deal on the Airtame 2. Here are the details on how it works, and why you should get involved.

Five years ago, we officially released our first ever product – the Airtame 1. Our mission now remains the same as it was back then – to help schools and workplaces use shared screens in a smarter, more effective way. Since the release of Airtame 1, we’ve launched a selection of products and accessories, including the Airtame 2 and Airtame Cloud. The evolution of these products is a culmination of our learnings with the Airtame 1, and our ambition to grow and improve as a wireless screen sharing solution provider.

This week we’re launching the Airtame 1 Upgrade Program, which allows Airtame 1 users to trade-in their old Airtame 1 devices. For each Airtame 1 they trade-in, they’ll receive $100 off the much improved Airtame 2. We’re also throwing in free access to Airtame Cloud Plus for six months, along with a free consultation with a dedicated Airtame representative to help get you up and running with the full solution.

While the key principles of the Airtame 2 are similar to the Airtame 1, the hardware and software have been significantly improved, increasing the value it creates for users.

What is happening to Airtame 1?

Airtame 1 devices will stop receiving firmware updates after December 31, 2020. We guarantee the Airtame 1 devices will continue to work with the Airtame desktop app and Airtame Cloud until at least 2022.

Why upgrade?

There are a combination of factors that make Airtame 2 a faster, stronger and more reliable product.

1. Platform agnostic

The Airtame 2 offers platform agnostic support for native streaming protocols, making it easier to connect to your Airtame device using the method you prefer.

Connect your Airtame 2 device using built-in AirPlay for iOS and macOS, Google Cast for Chromebook and Android, Miracast for Windows and some Android devices, or using the Airtame desktop app. Touchback support for Miracast is also available for utilizing Airtame with touchscreens or interactive projectors. The touch input can be connected to Airtame via the micro-usb port using an adapter.

2. Improved design

The Airtame 1 was designed to be plugged directly into the HDMI port of a screen. While this allowed the device to be hidden behind a display, such a setup can cause the screen to block the WiFi signal.

The Airtame 2 device is more powerful, meaning it can process information quicker and offer a more reliable streaming solution. It’s been designed with an adhesive magnet, so can be mounted to the back of a display or on a wall nearby for a stronger WiFi signal. These physical installation options enhance wireless network connectivity, and the option of a Power over Ethernet connection also offers a new level of streaming performance.

3. Better memory, storage and speed

We quadrupled the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) and exchanged the SD card for an eMMC (embedded multimedia card) with the Airtame 2. This means the device has faster, more robust memory and storage, leading to a better quality streaming experience and smoother playback of dynamic digital signage content.

Airtame 2’s processor or SoC (System on Chip) has a better GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) with 4x more graphics computing power. Essentially, this means the streaming experience is much faster, more stable and optimized for digital signage featuring images and videos.

4. Expanded WiFi range and more efficient set up for IT administrators

Because the Airtame 2 is more powerful than Airtame 1, it needs to be hooked up to a power supply unit that comes in the box. Airtame 2’s custom-made Aircord serves the dual purpose of powering the unit and connecting it to the display’s HDMI port. With Airtame’s PoE adapter, you can also choose to power your Airtame 2 device and provide a wired Ethernet connection.

The Kensington Lock allows you to secure the device in a way that was not previously possible, making it convenient for more public spaces such as waiting rooms, reception areas, and factory floors.

The WiFi chip included in the Airtame 2 also offers more bandwidth, which provides a stronger, more stable WiFi connection.

To summarize, Airtame 2 offers:

What’s the deal?

Trade in your old Airtame 1 device(s) and for each device you trade-in, receive:

With the Airtame 2 discount and complimentary Cloud Plus subscription, this offer will save a total of $160 per device, or $172 per device when billed monthly.

You can purchase your Airtame 2 device from your preferred local supplier and enjoy flexible replacement terms.

How to get started

This program will run until December 31, 2020.

Ready to upgrade? Sign up below.

Want to sign up for the Upgrade Program webinar on October 27? Reserve your spot.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.

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