Display anything
- wirelessly

Drop cables and converters, walled garden products, watch-more-tv-streaming-sticks, and clunky enterprise alternatives. AIRTAME is the simplest way to connect to displays, and it works with all platforms.


AIRTAME is a small device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV or projector. Connect it to your WiFi network and share content from all your devices wirelessly.

HDMI Streaming Dongle


Get one AIRTAME for each TV and projector you want to stream to wirelessly and get rid of your cables for good.



Then all you need is to install a small app on your computer, smartphone or tablet and you're ready to start streaming.

"AIRTAME brings together the simplicity and low cost of consumer solutions like Chromecast and Apple TV with the functionality of expensive pro-solutions"
"AIRTAME is a surprisingly intuitive and refreshing solution for wireless PC screen-mirroring. It's easy to set up and responsive, and the software [...] even supports beaming one PC to multiple screens. It's a Miracast dongle on steriods." Richard Lai, Senior Editor, Engadget
Mirror Your Screen

Mirror your entire screen

Everything you see on your computer, you will see on your TV as well. As simple as that.

Streaming Cross Platform

No one is left out in the cold

Don’t worry about which devices you or your co-workers use. AIRTAME works with all of them.

Present From Mobile

Present from your mobile device

Send slides, documents, pictures and videos to your TV over the air and control the experience from your mobile device.

Advanced flat 2015

Get rid of your cables now


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