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Use screens better

Present wirelessly from any device, introduce digital signage and revolutionize your work environment with Airtame.

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An Airtame 2 device connected to a screen in a meeting room

Trusted by 18.000+ forward-thinking workplaces

How does it work?

Airtame is an all-in-one wireless screen sharing solution. Hardware, software and integrated apps all rolled into one easy to use, yet powerful device.

An Airtame 2 device mounted at the back of a TV


Power Airtame and connect to your screen using the included Aircord.

Set up

Mount the Airtame and connect it to your local network.


Visit to get the Airtame app for your computer or mobile.


Open the app, select your Airtame from the list and start presenting.

You will use screens in a whole new way

Cables can look messy and uninspiring. We’re here to help you use screens better. Present wirelessly within a few clicks, and showcase useful content on your screens when they are not in active use. Here’s how

Screen sharing from any device

Walk into a room, open the Airtame app and select your Airtame-connected screen. That’s it, you are presenting wirelessly. You can share your whole screen, or select an individual window to present, and conceal what you want to keep hidden.

Airtame works with all major platforms and operating systems – from Mac, Windows, Linux, and beyond – so you can remove your adapters for good.

Screenshot showing different devices using Android, iOS, Windows, Apple, Chromebook and Linux operating systems

Digital signage made easy

You can do better than blank standby screens. Use them to showcase something meaningful.

Present beautiful imagery, performance dashboards, company news and more on your screens when they are not in use, all managed from Airtame Cloud.

Screenshot showing multiple screens showcasing digital signage with Airtame

Remote, all-in-one Cloud management

Manage and monitor all your devices – straight from your desk, across locations and remotely – from Airtame Cloud.

A laptop screen showing the Airtame Cloud Management options

Airtame is perfect for all sorts of teams

For business

Studies show companies waste up to 10% of every meeting on technical issues. Don’t be that company.

Transform your standby screens with our app integrations. You can present company news with Google Slides, showcase a project timeline with Trello or stunning photography with Unsplash, highlight a sales success with KPI dashboards or present world clocks to help your multi-office team sync more effectively.

Learn more about how to use Airtame in an office setting.

A room full of people in a business meeting using Airtame
A teacher giving a lecture in a room full of students using Airtame

For education

Unlock student-centered education

The easy, cable-free connection to your screens allows teachers to roam around the classroom freely, and the opportunity to teach in a more engaging way – where students don’t have to nervously present from the front of the classroom.

Airtame is well suited to support your school’s IT Admin team in installing and troubleshooting AV equipment. Lake Superior College saw a dramatic 75% drop in IT support tickets after installing Airtame!

Learn more about how Airtame works in educational environments.

Beyond compare

We’re confident that Airtame is the essential wireless screen sharing solution for business and education. Put us to the test. Check out our comparison articles

Trusted solution

We launched Airtame in 2014 with a record-breaking crowdfunding success. By August 2018, we shipped 100k devices. We set out to change the world of work and modern education.

Now, we are launching Airtame 2. It’s a brand new, powerful product, built on years of useful customer feedback and matched with our rigorous design and development process.


Organizations already powered by Airtame.


Meetings and classes were powered by Airtame in June 2019.


Minutes of wireless presentations in June 2019. Yes, that’s millions!

We’re here with you, every step of the way

Whether you buy one or 100 Airtame 2s, you’ll gain access to our committed Customer Success Team. We’re here to answer your technical questions, help you troubleshoot, and make sure you use the Airtame solution to its full potential.

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