The challenge

This elementary school initially needed a cable-free way for their young pupils, as well as teachers, to present from iPads and MacBooks during class. They were looking for a solution that would work together with the Samsung Flip—an interactive screen already in use. Further along in the process of equipping their classrooms, the administrators realized that it would also be beneficial to find a solution that offered both wireless screen sharing and digital signage, which is a way to share information to a screen when it’s not being actively used for live presentations.

The solution

When Airtame was first introduced to the elementary school classrooms, the sole purpose was to use it for screen sharing. The Airtame device connected easily to the Samsung Flip’s HDMI port, and it didn’t take long until 6-year-old pupils and seasoned teachers alike were all making the most of wireless screen sharing to share homework results and presentations. 

As screen sharing was an instant success, the next step for the school administrator was to set up an Airtame Cloud account. From the Cloud platform, it was quick and simple to remotely install any updates on the Airtame devices and check that they were all working properly. Aside from device management, the Cloud offered an opportunity to also display custom digital signage on the Airtame-equipped displays. After testing out digital signage to guide students to the right classrooms, and keep staff up to speed on the latest results and regulations, the decision was made to invest in the advanced features of Airtame Cloud Plus. 

With Cloud Plus, the school admin can make sure every screen is displaying an up-to-date schedule and relevant news. For example, the Homescreen layout is used in classrooms to show students what the topic of the class will be and what time it is, as well as a fun image that gives a visual cue as to the focus on the class. The Website option is also used to display important updates for the benefit of school staff and visiting parents. Especially at a time when the education ministry is continually updating requirements for public schools, the Cloud has provided a solution that enables the school to react quickly and keep everyone informed. Another digital signage layout that’s being used is World Clock, which encourages young pupils to practice telling the time while upholding punctuality.

The results

Since being introduced to Marienschule Büderich, the Airtame solution has reaped the following benefits: 

  • The quality and frequency of classroom participation has gone up, with the youngest pupils and the most seasoned teachers easily sharing during classes and group work sessions.
  • Safety has improved thanks to getting rid of cables, which otherwise presented both a tripping hazard and a risk of contagion with everyone having to regularly share them.
  • A lot of time and technical maintenance has been saved, thanks to smooth physical installation and ongoing ease-of-use when managing the devices in Airtame Cloud. 
  • Digital signage has made it easier for the school to prepare for reopening after the summer, as health and safety information can be set up on every screen in advance. 
  • Digital signage will continue to inform and encourage everyone in the school community, from the youngest students to the most experienced educators. 

See Airtame in action

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