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Flexibility across
conferencing services

Microsoft Teams, Zoom and more to come….

Why lock yourself into a Rooms solution that limits you to a single conferencing service? Maybe you’re in a shared environment, with some people on Teams and others on Zoom. Or you all use the same service internally, but collaborate externally on other systems. Life is much easier with Airtame Rooms software solution, configured to match the way you work.

  • Designed to work across multiple conferencing services
  • Microsoft Teams available at launch, Zoom close behind*, and more to come
  • Simply join a call from your personal Calendar via our integration

*Zoom capability available by the end of the year
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Getting started with
hybrid conferencing

Airtame Rooms runs on the Airtame Hub. To ensure the best possible user experience, it is only offered in a bundled package which includes the hardware device and a one year software license with an annual renewal.

Airtame Rooms offers all the features of our Cloud Plus offering, as well as everything you need to run Microsoft Teams and (coming soon) Zoom calls for your hybrid meetings.

Simple control of your hybrid video conferencing

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