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hybrid work

Hybrid working
is the new normal

The way we use office space has changed forever. Now that you’ve moved to a hybrid work schedule, your meeting rooms and huddle spaces are more valuable than individual offices and cubicle farms. People are focusing their time in the office on collaborating with their colleagues, and making the most of in-person interactions.

How do you get the most out of those shared environments? Take a look at the screen hanging on every meeting room wall, and you’ll realize the potential for easy collaboration with colleagues in the office, and with those calling in from home.


Conferencing, screen sharing and digital signage

You could choose a standard Microsoft Teams or Zoom solution for your meeting rooms, and a stand alone screen sharing device for other locations. Maybe add a third option to turn your static screens into information boards.

Or you could choose a single solution that can provide both screen sharing and hybrid conferencing, as well as digital signage, all managed in a single cloud application.

Hybrid Screens and the Airtame Hub

Hybrid conferencing made easy!