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Why Airtame?

The unified solution

The informative company

Share news

Keep everyone up to speed with company updates and results.

Share ownership

Invite individuals and teams to curate the imagery in their work space.

Offer guidance

Display a map, room overview or emergency information in open spaces.

Create ambiance

Set the mood with any combination of images, videos or written messages.

The productive department

Inspire employees

Upload real-time insights and goals for employees to track against.

Empower presenters

Encourage team members to share results and updates from personal devices.

Showcase results

Select any combination of images, videos or presentations to motivate your team.

Inform teams

Use project management insights to serve as a reminders on your screens.

Powering organizations

Better coworking at Bond Collective

How cross-platform, wireless screen sharing meets the collaboration needs of dynamic professionals.

Airtame meets Daniel Wellington’s wireless offices

How the Airtame solution fits into a sleek and minimal office design.

See Airtame in action