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A software platform for the modern workplace – powered by Airtame. A match made in heaven.

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What is Appspace?

Appspace gives you the tools you need to help drive awareness, engagement and productivity across your entire organization. Use our native app to share your message to the big screen, from the conference room to the reception and lunch hall.

Align with your team

Keep your peers informed with the latest announcements, reports, lunch menus and social activities shared to your workspace screens

Keep your team motivated

Use Appspace’s data visualization cards to highlight team performance and targets

Share the story

Integrate your organization’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles and start sharing the conversation to your workspace screens

Don’t be late

Get the quick overview of where your next meeting is being hosted with room scheduling signage

Enterprise TV

Watch live and recorded video, including broadcast TV, on workplace displays

When two become one

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