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Let your screens
do the talking

Inform, educate, and engage. Turn your displays into info screens. Display relevant content that you control.

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Trusted by over 20,000+ forward-thinking workplaces and schools

Activate all your shared screens


Keep everyone informed and included with schedules and organisational updates, all in the right place, at the right time.

Let your messages do the work.


Inspire your teams with metrics and dashboards. Appreciate good performance and celebrate success with everyone.

Every screen is captivating.


Leverage existing content by assigning user roles and designating permissions to set up and change content regularly.

No screen runs outdated content.

Digital signage
for all screens

  • Design your display
    Create screens with branded overlays, customised images, or room schedules to make the space your own.
  • Create tailored digital signage
    Display images, websites, room agendas, digital menu boards, project progress and more.
  • Preview content
    With Airtame Cloud taking regular screenshots, ensure that screens are up-and-running and displaying the correct content.
  • Plan in advance
    Plan digital signage according to set times of day and days of the week with Scheduled Content.

Screen sharing & signage,

  • Engage the whole group
    Share messages with all attendees through digital signage while helping them contribute via screen sharing.

  • Create huddle spaces
    Use existing screens to streamline collaboration and communication in small groups.

  • Increase awareness
    Share topical and relevant information on any and all screens to keep your audience engaged.

  • Transform idle screens
    Convert screens across rooms with imagery and videos when not utilizing screen sharing.

A trusted solution

Over 20,000 organizations and counting are boosting productivity with Airtame Cloud.
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Guillaume Pollet

In charge of Telecom Infrastructure, Jouve

One of my favorite features is the Cloud app, as I'm in charge of the deployment and the administration of the solution in my company.
Guillaume Lafforgue

Digital Transformation Engineer, Schneider Electric

Streaming with Airtame is intuitive and works smoothly. This helps communication between people to flow much better during meetings. Company-wide communication has also significantly improved thanks to digital signage with Airtame Cloud. We have messages displayed in our canteen, entrance and in each service area.

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