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Airtame 2

The essential and easy to use wireless screen sharing device for business and education.

399 Ex. VATAUD


Airtame PoE adapter

A powerful and simple setup that powers your Airtame 2 and connects it to your network via Ethernet.

119 Ex. VATAUD

Optional accessories

Ethernet adapter
It won’t power your Airtame, but our trusty Ethernet Adapter makes it easy to hardwire your Airtame device for a stable network connection.


Extension Cord
The Airtame Extension Cord extends the range of Airtame’s power supply unit by 1.8m/6ft. Not necessary when Airtame PoE Adapter is used.


Replacement accessories

All-in-one HDMI, USB and USB-C cable.


Magnetic Mount
For flexible (magnetic) or permanent (adhesive) installation.



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What’s in the box

Airtame 2
The essential and easy to use wireless screen sharing device for business and education.

All-in-one HDMI, USB and USB-C cable

Power supply
With US/EU/UK/AU power plug

Magnetic Mount
For flexible (magnetic) or permanent (adhesive) installation.

Questions & answers

Can I return my Airtame 2? What is the warranty?

Buy, test and return your purchased Airtame 2 for a full refund within 30 days (please note, return shipping is not covered). If you have ordered the product to one of the countries in the EEA (European Economic Area), you are entitled to a 2-year warranty. If you ordered the device to the United States or another country outside of the EEA, you are entitled to a 1-year warranty. See our full return policy.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed by our logistics partner within 48 hours of order placement. Read more on estimated shipping times for your specific region here.

Do I have to pay taxes/VAT/customs on my order?

All applicable sales taxes (if any) are included in the total price based on your shipping address. Duty and customs may apply for countries outside the EU or US. See more about our shipping fees and customs here.

Do you have more payment options?

We accept credit card and PayPal. If preferred, we can send an invoice for payment via bank transfer. We require proof of payment before we ship the device. Please write to or use the chat window below and leave your email. See our full payment options.

Can I order without a VAT number?

Are you ordering Airtames in the EU as a private customer or does your organization not have a VAT number? Contact us for help.

Is my WiFi good enough?

It depends on a number of factors. If this is a concern, we recommend using an Ethernet adapter to hardwire Airtame to your network for extra stability. Learn more about network requirements with Airtame here.

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