Airtame for football tactics

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Jessica Navarro
February 19th, 2016

Yet again, our inbox was lucky enough to receive another interesting Airtame use case. This time, our story comes from Scotland and the Scottish Premier League football site Heart of Midlothian FC.

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After each match, the team carefully goes through each player’s performance in detail. The ups and downs are analyzed. Areas for improvement are noted.

One of our performance analysts, Alex Threapleton, took the attached photos. They show Alim Ozturk, the Captain, and Prince Buaben, reviewing video from a recent home match at Tynecastle Stadium on the smart screen at our Football Academy at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Duncan Millar, Heart of Midlothian FC, IT and Change Consultant:
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The smart screen is operated from the offices, or locally from a laptop, to show the players specifics for training, match day strategies, opposition video, and any other information that the coaches want to highlight.

Airtame has proved very useful in providing a very easy to use, reliable product to provide high-quality information to the players and coaches alike.

After a very easy initial setup, it is simply embedded in the daily operation of how video and other information is shared at Heart of Midlothian Football Academy to the benefit of the players and coaches.

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