Airtame is officially a Microsoft Partner Education Specialist

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Airtame is officially a Microsoft Partner Education Specialist
October 23rd, 2019

We’ve been busy working on Airtame Cloud, developing features and integrations that will open up new content sharing and collaboration possibilities for our customers on campus.

As the leading provider of wireless screen sharing for education, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve how students and teachers experience and utilize screens on campus.

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft to integrate Airtame Cloud with Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 Calendar Suite, opening up new possibilities for collaboration and screen sharing, whether it be in the classroom, lecture hall or staffroom. We’re now proud to call ourselves an official Microsoft Partner Education Specialist.

While this integration is certainly beneficial for campuses, it is also available for our enterprise customers.

Integration in a nutshell

Put simply, this integration means that teachers and administrators using Airtame Cloud will have complete access to the resources saved on Microsoft OneDrive and the information stored on Office 365 Calendar Suite. With this access, they can feel empowered to transform their campus by creating intelligent meeting rooms and informative classrooms and common areas. In-class screen sharing, and multimedia and calendar content distribution to screens throughout campuses also creates a more effective learning environment for students.

How can campuses benefit?

This partnership provides a number of important opportunities for our education customers to use Airtame Cloud more effectively on campus.

Harnessing screens in public spaces on campus by distributing news, meeting overviews and videos with Airtame Cloud can increase the feeling of community and school spirit among teachers, students and administrators and help foster a more positive environment for learning. It also has the potential to transform the campus experience for student’s families and visitors, with the ability to showcase campus maps on screen, or share other important information and announcements.

In today’s climate, we should all be looking for small changes we can make to reduce our impact on the environment. The good news is that campuses wanting to minimize their environmental footprint have something to gain with our Microsoft partnership. Through Office 365 Calendar Suite, campuses can schedule screens to go to sleep during off-hours or quieter periods, without wasting unnecessary energy.

Microsoft blogpost

Some additional specific examples of how campuses can utilize this integration to improve the experience for staff and students include:

  • Engage using digital signage – Distribute content stored on Microsoft OneDrive to screens throughout campus, such as campus news, school logos or imagery from sporting events
  • Share responsibility – Enable specific content distribution rights for people or departments, relieving IT admins and sharing responsibility with staff members. For example, allow the Head of Sport to control the screens displayed in the school gymnasium
  • Keep an eye on calendars – Display the availability of classrooms, lecture halls, learning labs and meeting rooms on any shared screen via the integration with Office 365 Calendar Suite

Take a look at how immersive technologies and gamification can transform education.

Airtame’s integration with Microsoft OneDrive and 365 Calendar Suite is just one small component of a wide range of updates, integrations and product features we’ve been working on as part of our extensive product roadmap for Airtame Cloud. It will empower both our education and enterprise customers to utilize their screens and create more intelligent meeting rooms and communal spaces, and make it easier for them to adopt Airtame Cloud to work with the tools they already use every day.

Dmitry Kozhemyakin, Director of Product, Platform at Airtame

An exciting road ahead

While our integration with Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 Calendar Suite is a great start, we’re not done yet. We are planning to expand our partnership with Microsoft by integrating with additional products, including the Microsoft Suite.

As with all of our products, we are constantly working on Airtame Cloud, developing features and integrations that will improve the experience for our customers. We can’t wait to share more with you soon! In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on our blog, Facebook or LinkedIn pages for future updates.

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