Airtame Partners with AVer to Deliver Next-Level Collaboration Flexibility with Wireless Cross-Platform Solutions

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Airtame Partners with AVer to Deliver Next-Level Collaboration Flexibility with Wireless Cross-Platform Solutions

The alliance signifies a shared goal of creating seamless, efficient experiences for end-users to support evolving standards and expectations for conferencing.

New York, NY, August 24, 2023 – Airtame, creator of the hardware-enabled SaaS platform that allows seamless collaboration in businesses and schools, today announced a strategic alliance with AVer, an award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, to offer seamless integration of the Airtame Hybrid Conferencing Solution with a wide array of AVer’s core camera and video bar solutions. Together, Airtame and AVer support the flexible conferencing options end-users are increasingly demanding in BYOD (bring-your-own-device) and hybrid work environments.

“This integration helps end-users easily achieve scalable, all-in-one conferencing solutions that meet today’s evolving communication needs,” said Jonas Gyalokay, Airtame Co-Founder. “At Airtame, our goal is to provide high-quality, flexible and future-proof solutions that enable easy onboarding to seamlessly connect in-office participants with those on the other side of the screen. Our partnership with AVer allows us to deliver that by making the integration with its top-tier cameras extremely easy.”

Businesses, educational facilities, and end-users have come to expect highly customizable, reliable collaboration tools to ensure seamless experiences for all users regardless of skill level or location. Airtame’s unique approach to the BYOD experience addresses these needs, and leverages state-of-the-art partner peripherals to provide unmatched value and flexibility to users – setting a new standard for hybrid communication.

Airtame’s award winning wireless conferencing platform – compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and soon, Google Meet and Webex – can now be completely integrated with a suite of AVer cameras including the CAM520 Pro2, CAM550,VC520 Pro2 USB Cameras, VB342+, VB342 Pro Video Soundbars, VC520 Pro all-in-on conferencing system, PTZ310UNV2 4K Streaming NDI® HX3 Camera and DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera. AVer’s PTC310UV2 AI Auto Tracking Camera will be available for compatibility with Airtame at a later point as result of ongoing collaborative innovation between the two brands.

The integration supports small, mid-sized, and large meeting rooms to provide powerful flexibility and seamless hybrid meeting room experiences, regardless of location. AVer’s industry-leading conferencing cameras, all-in-one conferencing systems, video soundbar solutions, and AI Auto Tracking cameras also enable Airtame to deploy its multi-use products like signage, conferencing, and screen sharing into a number of different environments, providing end-users and integrators with even more options.

“At AVer we are determined to provide all end-users with the easiest and most efficient conferencing experience possible,” said AVer Director David Kuo. “Our alliance truly marries high-quality hardware with cutting-edge software; AVer’s industry-leading conferencing cameras, all-in-one conferencing systems, and video soundbar solutions are complemented perfectly by Airtame’s hybrid conferencing platform.”

About AVer Information Inc.

Founded in 2008, AVer is an award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration camera solutions that improve productivity and enrich learning. From accelerating learning in the classroom to increasing competitive advantage for businesses, AVer solutions leverage the power of technology to help people connect with one another to achieve great things. AVer’s product portfolio includes professional-grade artificial intelligence-enabled auto-tracking cameras, Zoom and Microsoft Teams Certified enterprise-grade USB cameras, document cameras, and mobile device charging solutions. AVer strives to provide industry-leading service and support that exceeds customer expectations. AVer is deeply committed to the community and the environment, and it employs stringent green processes.

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About Airtame

Airtame’s hardware-enabled SaaS platform is revolutionizing the way people connect and engage with screens in virtually any type of building and space. By making meeting rooms, classrooms, and common areas more dynamic through easy-to-use technology, Airtame is transforming the user experience for everyone – regardless of whether they are in the building or on the other side of the screen.

Thanks to its intuitive hybrid conferencing, screen sharing, and digital signage features, Airtame is the only solution in the market that powers all screens and allows for remote management through a single interface. Airtame’s mission is to empower everyone to connect, conference, and collaborate on the same screen, in the easiest yet most advanced way.

Founded in 2013, Airtame is trusted by more than 25,000 organizations worldwide to facilitate over 1.5-million monthly meetings in over 100,000 classrooms and meeting spaces. The 80-person Airtame team is strategically stationed in offices in New York, Copenhagen, and Budapest.

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