The best coworking spaces around the world

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The best coworking spaces around the world
December 12th, 2018

Want to get involved with the coworking trend? Don’t know where to start? Here’s our favourite coworking spaces from around the world

Coworking spaces are on the rise, and with good reason. We grow as individuals and as a business by working together with other creative spirits who don’t necessarily think the same way we do.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a place where working people can share an office and amenities, even if they don’t work at the same company.

Brad Neuberg is generally credited for having started the coworking phenomenon back in 2005. He wanted to combine the freedom of solo productivity with the community feel of working with other likeminded.

And that’s the story of the first coworking Space (according to Neuberg) called San Francisco Coworking Space, originally a feminist collective that Neuberg joined by paying a monthly fee to go there a few times a month.

And that’s what coworking spaces stand for; the combination of independence and togetherness, all neatly packed into what is often aesthetically well-though-out, open floor plans, suitable for freelancers, small and growing businesses, or travelers that happen to be in the neighborhood and need a place to get in the work groove.

We’ve put together a list of the most exceptional coworking spaces, the cream of the crop when it comes to beautiful, smart, and well-designed areas. 

Betahaus Berlin – Germany

Betahaus is a coworking powerhouse with multiple locations in several different countries.

Their first Betahaus is located in Berlin and one of the coworking spaces that set high standards across Europe. It has helped turn the capital into the startup hub it is. Betahaus offers more than just a seat in an innovative environment. They do promotion packages, event management and even catering for all of your special needs or event ideas.

Pro tip: Want to sit and work from the cafe downstairs? It will only cost you a cup of coffee.

Cost: prices starting at €99 ($112) per person (pp) / month

Find out more: Betahaus Berlin

Image of a coworking space in Berlin

The Hub Chiang Mai – Thailand

Maybe Chiang Mai in Thailand isn’t the first place you think of when you consider a startup mentality, but really, the city of Chiang Mai (second largest in Thailand) is a growing digital nomad spot.

The Hub Chiang Mai is run by Rx Cafe and built with sustainability in mind by stacking old containers and only featuring LED lights.

Cost: prices starting at 250 baht (or around $8) pp / day

Find out more: The Hub Chiang Mai

Image of coworking space in Chiang Mai

Huckletree Clerkenwell – London, UK

Huckletree was one of the first creative coworking spaces to open up in London. This, their Central-East establishment is one of three Huckletrees in London.

They have a unique accelerator program for pre-seed companies called the “Alpha Programme”. It’s a 12-week program for new founders with a bright idea in the stage where they have not yet raised their seed round of capital. For startups who see a hole in the market and have the ambition to take it somewhere, this is a brilliant offer.

The space is equipped with convenient office pods for calls and an outdoor workspace overlooking the Smithfield Market.

Cost: from £175 (or $224) pp  / month

Find out more: Huckletree Clerkenwell

Image of a coworking space in London

Innov8 – Connaught Place, New Delhi, India

Innov8 has multiple locations across India. The one in Connaught Place, New Delhi is equipped with a multitude of different rooms for different purposes, all with a clear design vision.

Top-of-the-line furniture is in every room, and the green terrace makes up an inviting space to relax for the entrepreneurs. The surroundings play a big role in our productivity and that’s where Innov8 has taken a lot of bold choices with their design. There’s not a chair, plant or light fixture out of place and everything seems to harmoniously go together.

Cost: contact Innov8 for price plans

Find out more: Innov8

Image of a coworking space in New Delhi

The Landing Zone – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Modern-looking and cool, The Landing Zone or LZ NOLA in New Orleans is the perfect place to start coworking.

Even cooler, The Landing Zone is run by VetLaunch, a business accelerator for veterans and spouses of veterans who help launch vet-owned companies.

Cost: $200 pp / month

Find out more: The Landing Zone

Image of a coworking space in New Orleans

Mokrin House – Serbia

Maybe you fancy getting into the coworking spirit but you’re not a huge fan of the bustling city feeling that often goes along with the startup environment. Introducing Mokrin House in Serbia.

Just a 2.5-hour drive from Belgrade, this is the perfect eco-scape for small and climate-conscious teams and individuals. It’s more than coworking, it’s co-living too with three homemade meals a day and a lovely, countryside feeling.

Cost: starting at €993 ($1,120) pp / month – but remember that housing is also included

Find out more: Mokrin House

Image of a coworking space in Serbia

Naked Hub Jiuxiangiao – Beijing, China

Naked Hub has six locations in Beijing alone. For many local upstarts with global ambitions, this is the perfect home to share ideas and start creating. You even get an executive assistant to help you excel, and the open floor plans really invite people in for collaboration.

Cost: 1800RMB ($259) pp / month

Find out more: Naked Hub Jiuxianqiao

New Women Space – Brooklyn, NY, USA

This place is too important not to be mentioned. “100% of our programming is led by women, femme, queer, transgender and gender nonconforming individuals,” writes the Brooklyn-based coworking space.

They’re looking to create equal opportunities and a supportive, safe space for the LGBTQ community, and we salute them for that. You can become a volunteer at New Women Space as well or help them out financially by “adopting” one of their monthly bills. They offer discounts on various partnerships too.

Cost: Rental rates are based on income and cheaper for members. Income less than 20K for members – $75/hour rate pp

Find out more: New Women Space

Image of a coworking space in Brooklyn

REBEL Work Space – Copenhagen, Denmark

REBEL Work Space in Copenhagen (same city as our HQ) is not just a workspace. It’s built with a strong focus on aesthetics and designed to foster collaboration across disciplines.

Many of their rooms are equipped with Airtame to support all the different kinds of professionals working there (we wrote an article about their beautiful place here).

Cost: starting prices at DKK2,000 ($305) pp / month

Find out more: REBEL Work Space

Image of a coworking space in Copenhagen

Sustainable Valley – Byron Bay, Australia

Sustainable Valley isn’t called “sustainable” for nothing. The coworking community in Byron Bay, Australia, is focused on operating in an environmentally friendly way. Their workspace is simple with luscious greenery to go with the hardwood interior and they feature both indoor and outdoor amenities.

Cost: starts at AUS25 ($21) pp / day

Find out more: Sustainable Valley

Image of a coworking space in Byron Bay

Urban Station San Telmo – Buenos Aires, Argentina

With coworking spaces in more than 12 locations (spanning 5 different countries), Urban Station is steadfastly becoming the WeWork behemoth of Latin America, plus Egypt.

Their most attractive plan in San Telmo, Buenos Aires is a drop-in, pay-as-you-go pricing structure that makes it more affordable for young innovators to join the coworking community.

Cost: $29 pp / day

Find out more: Urban Station San Telmo

Urban station[air-image]

La Vaca Coworking – Barcelona, Spain

Based in a former dairy shop (“la vaca” means “the cow”), La Vaca is now a bustling coworking space in the heart of Poble Sec, Barcelona.

If you join La Vaca, be sure to enjoy their many events such as workshops, sports activities, art exhibitions and many other interesting things that will help you get to know your fellow “Vaqueros” and the city. There’s even a monthly paella day for coworkers in the space, encouraging collaboration and team building. 

Cost: starts at €90 ($102) pp / month

Find out more: La Vaca Coworking

[air-image size="small"]Image of a coworking space in Barcelona

WeWork South Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY, USA

There’s two WeWork spots in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. We prefer the Southside joint, which overlooks the Williamsburg bridge and is a mere two-minute walk from the newly vamped Domino Park, overlooking the East River.

It’s not just great if you need a “hot desk” to drop in and get to work along with other brilliant minds, it’s a frontrunner in community-driven engagement. Better still, we’re proud to call this place our second home. Join us at the nitro cold brew coffee draft if you’re in the area!

Cost: from $475 pp / month

Find out more: WeWork South Williamsburg

Image of a coworking space in NY

Workplace One – Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

The location on Peter Street in Toronto is the newest addition to the Workplace One lineup that opens up in January.

We think you better show your interest quick! Ask anyone in the know – the Waterloo region is becoming one of the more significant areas in the tech world, with the highest startup density of any area globally outside of Silicon Valley.

Workplace One is known for having open and light workspaces with flexible options for members, such as virtual offices, private offices, dedicated desks, and coworking spaces.

Cost: $225 pp / month

Find out more: Workplace One

What does the future hold for coworking spaces?

The coworking trend is growing because more and more choose a life of freelancing. That means amenities need to keep up with the growing number too. While a complimentary gym area could work for the young freelancer with no kids right now, that same freelancer could want daycare amenities in the future.

Another thing we could see on the rise is the community feeling that goes along with coworking. That means cooking classes, sightseeing and learning together with your fellow coworkers. With regular colleagues, you rub elbows every day, whereas coworkers in a coworking space basically choose whom to hang out with.

If establishments are able to match these increased off-work benefits with cutting-edge technology and strong organizational flow then the future of coworking will continue to shine brightly.

Did we miss your favorite spot? Reach out to us and tell us about it.

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