Download v3.2.0 of the Airtame app

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Download v3.2.0 of the Airtame app
April 25th, 2018

Say hello to v3.2.0 of the Airtame app!

Our engineers have been busy squashing bugs within our app environment, and improving the overall experience of using Airtame. And now, we are happy to launch v3.2.0 of the Airtame app!

Some of the improvements you’ll find in this new app include:

  • New Setup Flow, including support for Ethernet and ad-hoc network
  • Chromebook streaming to multiple screens
  • Fixed MSI and portable issues (related to autostart, autoupdate)
  • Re-allowed dot in the name of Airtame devices
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Ready to update? Of course you are! Go click the green banner in your app ?

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