Introducing: Streaming Modes

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Jessica Navarro
May 7th, 2015

Update: Since this post was published, we’ve made major changes and improvements to Airtame’s streaming modes. We’re in the process of writing a new post on how to use these streaming modes, so we appreciate your patience! Until then, you’re very welcome to write to our Customer Experience team with any questions or comments.

We’ve come to realize that there’s no one-size fit when it comes to wireless streaming. This is why we have designed three modes for the best possible performance according to your specific use case. Each mode has it’s own unique algorithms to optimize for the perfect performances in its context and real-time environment. This is only regarding mirroring from computers to AIRTAME and not from mobile devices. If you have already updated to the latest software version you can go to AIRTAME>preferences>modes and already try it out for yourself!

This is for when you are looking for responsive actions with as little latency as possible. We’ve muted the sound, and this mode will allow you to use the larger monitor in as near real-time as possible. We recommend using this mode when you need to walk someone through a particular process, or if you need to take notes / collaborate together in real time.

Video Mode

This is for when you want to showcase something, or simply stream some media to the larger screen. It gives you a high level of fluency and quality. We’ve have purposely added a level of latency (delay) as 1) You’re not actively using your laptop and 2) Helps to build a fluid stream to create the highest stream possible.

Presentation Mode

When presenting your screen either using a keynote or powerpoint, this mode focuses on high quality while fluency is reduced to save battery whilst layering a slight delay to ensure high-quality streaming throughout. It’s a mix of the two previous modes, however, it’s perfectly tuned if you want to use the mobile applications as your presentation remote.

Mode4_manual-2 Manual Mode We wouldn’t be us, if we didn’t give you the option of ignoring all the streaming modes and to let you create your own balance. You’re able to toggle quality settings/audio and define exactly what frame rate (FPS) and level of buffering you want to have. How do I use it? Either go to preferences and adjust the different modes or use the quick selection directly from the drop-down menu. screenshots

How do I get it? You just need to have the latest update on both your computer and on your AIRTAME. The modes are only available from V.1.0 onwards. Update computer: Simply update the AIRTAME app on your computer or download the latest from here: Update AIRTAME: Make sure your AIRTAME is connected to the internet and it will update automatically.

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