Product update 1.0.3: Better audio streaming and a bunch of other stuff fixed

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Jessica Navarro
September 7th, 2015

Today we’ve released a new update for both the AIRTAME device and the app running on your computer. How does this benefit me? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Now you will get:

This update focuses on a lot of smaller features. It will improve the overall experience of streaming with AIRTAME. You could call it an intermediate update. It prepares the dongle and software for future updates.

Attila Sukosd

Better audio streaming

The last comment is something we will get back to. Let’s start with the most interesting updated features: Better audio streaming. Since we launched audio, some of you have reported some sounds cracks while streaming. We hope that you will be able to notice the improvement related to this update and we are very confident that the next update after this one will give it the last tweak.

It is no secret that it has been a tad more challenging than anticipated to deliver the quality of audio streaming we strive for. However, we have identified the last issues and we are working hard on resolving them.

Support for hidden SSID

We have also added support for hidden SSID to you guys. Hidden SSID is mostly relevant for companies but quite a few consumers have also requested this feature.

In short, hidden SSID is a secret network that does not show in your network overview. Until now, AIRTAME has not been able to connect to these. This update makes the connection run smoothly.

Check this guide on how to connect to a hidden SSID

Support for older Apple operating systems

Okay, the last major feature in this update. We have made it easier for people with older Apple operating systems to use AIRTAME by adding support for OS X 10.8 also called Mountain Lion. So if you for different reasons have been reluctant to update to Yosemite you are also welcomed into the AIRTAME family now.

To get back to Attila’s last comment: We are constantly working on improving AIRTAME. We regularly release new updates to fix bugs, add features and enhance performance. Eg. some of you have reported a report window appearing without the app actually crashing. The same goes for a few install issues on Windows. We are aware of them and the bugs will be smashed with our next update.

We are very excited about the updates that we have coming up in our the pipeline this year and look forward to share our progress with all of you. Stay tuned and keep an eye our blog.

We appreciate all the feedback we can get, so please submit your input through our forum and give us your 2 cents on how you experience the new update. Here you can also find more technical details + full changelog of the current update.

Now, go update!

So, just one thing left. Please make sure to update both your AIRTAME firmware and software to get these updates immediately. If you’re in doubt about how to do that check out these guides to update your PC software and AIRTAME firmware.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Jessica Navarro
All product, all the time. As Product Communications Manager, Jessica takes complicated product stuff and makes it easy to read stuff. When she isn't writing and editing for Airtame, she's on the hunt for the best Mexican food in Denmark.

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