Wireless screen sharing for socially distanced buying experiences

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Wireless screen sharing for socially distanced buying experiences
Angela Murphy
February 15th, 2021

If you visit a physical retailer, wireless screen sharing can mean safe, interactive product customization.

In-person shopping isn’t dead

According to a 2020 McKinsey report, the growth of e-commerce was well underway before the pandemic hit. It’s convenient to buy online. And now it also minimizes the risk of contagion.

Even when it’s safer to go out and about, many people will continue to buy everyday necessities online.

But there are some things we won’t buy online. Certain purchases deserve a real-life look at the product. Would you buy a home you’d never been to? Or a car you’d never driven? Unlikely.

Wireless solutions offer safe interactivity

It’s not every day that we hunt for a new car or a kitchen remodel. These are luxuries, yes. But that’s not a negative thing. Demand for more expensive items can help stimulate the economy and give people something to look forward to amid glum circumstances.

All responsible businesses take steps to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. They put up plastic shields, mark set distances within a checkout queue, and provide hand sanitizer. Companies can also introduce digital signage and wireless screen sharing to add extra flair to the occasional shopping trip.

In addition to the actual cars, homes, and furniture on display, large TV screens are used to share health and safety guidelines. They also showcase product specs and customization options. This is digital signage, i.e., the images, videos, websites, and other media on display across screens.

Perhaps your heart is set on a particular model car. The test drive was great. But what about the custom interior options? The sales rep hands you a (clean) tablet. You take your mind to scroll through a variety of materials and features. The large TV wirelessly mirrors what you see on the tablet, showing off every detail. The result is a perfect, personalized combo. They should have it ready in a couple of weeks so that you see the final product again before pulling out your wallet.

All the while you get personal attention from a real-life person. Yes, they’re paid to help. But that’s fine. It’s nice to feel excited about something and have a product expert explain the choices. Especially when it’s done safely.

Interested? Let’s talk.

Angela Murphy
I translate technical features into benefits that everyone can understand.

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