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Bose Professional

The Airtame & Bose Professional room solution

Airtame and Bose Professional work seamlessly together to bring you a better hybrid meeting experience with high-quality audio visuals from Bose Professional and the simplicity and performance from Airtame.

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A complete hybrid meeting solution

Airtame’s ease of use and Bose Professional’s state-of-the-art video and audio capabilities combine to offer a new solution for hybrid meetings.

Airtame Hub runs video calls with unparalleled low latency and high quality and can be paired with any Bose Professional peripheral, providing flexibility to design not just one room but your entire workplace to your liking. This ensures an easy-to-use, reliable, and powerful hybrid meeting experience for all users.

Supported Bose Professional Peripherals

These Bose Professional peripherals have been certified and are regularly tested to work flawlessly with Airtame.

Why use Bose Professional Room solutions with Airtame?

There are many reasons why you get the most out of your Bose Professional products when you use them with Airtame

Tamper-proof installation

Set up your Airtame Hub and connect your Bose Professional peripheral(s) using USB-A or USB-C. Tamper-proof everything so the peripherals can’t be unplugged and avoid risking a dead-end in the meeting room.

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Ready to go

Start casting your conference calls to the big screen with peripheral settings ready to go. Spend time on the meeting itself, not selecting the right input.

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