The challenge

At Aalborg University, the main classroom spaces were equipped with ceiling projectors, which had HDMI and VGA cables for connecting laptops. These projectors had extender systems – boxes were placed beneath the projector, with another at the lecturer table, all connected via cable. With multiple lecturers using these rooms each day, these cables could be destroyed by the simple act of moving a desk. This could render the space unusable until repairs were made, which could take days. AAU needed a new solution for screen sharing that was easy for users to adopt, cost-efficient, and most importantly, would take care of their wire issues.

A Solution for Simplifying Screen Sharing

AAU looked at multiple solutions but found the Airtame 2 to be the best fit for their needs. Staff had previously suggested other screen sharing solutions, but most were device-dependent, and raised concerns about network security. In the end, Airtame provided the overall solution they were searching for. As Carsten Stubberup-Flou, AV Technician – UC Specialist, at AAU shares, “We looked at other possibilities, but if you have 250 rooms, you also have to look at the price. The price for the Airtame solution, along with the installation time, was quite satisfying for us.” 

AAU ordered a test batch of Airtame 2 units, and Carsten went to work installing them throughout each site. What could have been an overwhelming task with other solutions, he found “quite easy”. After physically placing the devices in the rooms and connecting to the network, they were ready for use! 

Now, lecturers can wirelessly screen share – with no risk of ruining cables or cords. “We can see that even though they can still use an HDMI or VGA cable, they choose to use the Airtame,” says Carsten. With educators embracing the technology, there is the possibility that one day, these remaining cables can be removed, and the Airtame 2 will be the sole solution in the rooms for screen sharing.

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Benefiting Lecturers through Ease of Use

With the success of these initial Airtame products, the university has plans to install them throughout their additional teaching rooms, including their distance learning rooms. They would also like to include their 80 meeting rooms in a future roll-out, replacing their current solution. 

Feedback from users has been “only positive” says Carsten. “The success is in the things we don’t hear,” regarding the lack of support questions they receive for the Airtame 2. When they do get questions, it’s from visitors to campus, asking what their solution is for screen-sharing! 

After successfully testing wireless screen-sharing with Airtame, AAU has recently started trialling the devices’ digital signage capabilities. 

In the end, the addition of Airtame 2’s to campus has helped lecturers be more efficient and benefited their day-to-day tasks. “From a user perspective, our lecturers get paid for each lecture. If they have to redo one due to a failure in AV equipment, they would not get paid for that. So we think they’re happy they don’t have to worry about redoing them due to faulty cables. It’s a huge, huge benefit.”

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See Airtame in action

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