The problem

When Arco Iris remodeled their current location several years ago, the architects placed the connections for the classroom projectors near the teachers’ desks. However, the desks are near the classroom entrance, far from where teachers do most of their teaching and lecturing.

The school was looking for a screen sharing solution that allowed teachers to untether from their desks. Then, they could be engaged and focused in front of their students while still having their resources available. The school also required a wireless solution to replace the many wires running up the walls and through the ceilings.  These created both inconvenience and safety issues. “They’re teachers, and they have to act quick. If there’s an emergency, I don’t want them to be fumbling with technology while dealing with a child in distress,” said Perla Murphy, the Technology Manager for Arco Iris.

A simple-to-install screen sharing solution

Arco Iris had been using an expensive projector-connected solution, but it was not solving all their issues. The company that did the school’s remodeling gifted them another device to trial; however, it wasn’t easy or compact enough to be placed throughout the classrooms. 

In search of a better fitting solution, Perla took to Google, searching for a “Wireless Display Solution”, where she landed on Airtame. During this research, she realized that she had previously spotted an Airtame 2 device in the building. A teacher had found it and started using it – after hearing the teacher’s feedback and trialing it herself, Perla took a leap of faith, as “It worked, and it was exactly what we needed.”

In September 2021, she purchased the rest of their Airtame 2 fleet. The installation, set-up, and connecting them to Airtame Cloud was “super-efficient. It was nice to have something that wasn’t a brick wall every step of the way,” according to Perla.

Screen Shot 2022 03 22 at 11.28.12 AM

Simplifying the day-to-day for educators and IT staff 

With a small staff size, employees and teachers need a solution that simply works. According to Perla, the Airtame 2 is that solution – “It’s going really great. Staff are happy with it, and it’s easy to use.” Teachers can now easily share their videos and materials with their classes. 

As a Technology Manager, her favorite feature is Airtame Cloud. Through the cloud, she can troubleshoot any issues without even leaving her desk – saving her time and effort. For her,  “Airtame Cloud makes it easy for me to manage the devices as a whole, but it also allows me to be more efficient, so I don’t have to drop what I’m doing and go across the building.” Airtame is not just making screens smarter at Arco Iris – it’s making staff and educators’ day-to-day easier: “It’s probably one of the easiest devices I manage in our school. It gives me the least headaches and stress.”

 Screen Shot 2022 03 22 at 11.28.26 AM

See Airtame in action

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