The challenge

Centrica was facing a challenge with their meeting room technology. The organization had multiple different connections on laptops, a plethora of dongles and damaged cables, leading to reduced functionality and availability in meeting rooms, user frustration, and the cost and time to replace cables, as most of them were routed via the floor and walls.

Useful Apps and Simple Screen Sharing

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Senior Network Architect, Will Sherlock, was tasked with finding a solution to these issues. After researching several options, Will discovered Airtame through a web search and found that it offered the capabilities and convenience that other solutions lacked.

Centrica has now been using Airtame for over five years. With a smooth installation and rollout process, the management platform, Airtame Cloud, proved to be a favorite feature for Will. Airtame Cloud gave Centrica access to a variety of useful apps, such as Room Overview and screen sharing is made simple through the Homescreen App which displays user instructions, corporate images and an O365 integration showing room availability.

Improving the Day-to-Day, while Saving Time and Money

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Staff members were initially skeptical, but after getting used to the system, they loved it. The Room Overview App, integrated with O365, is used in common areas to display room availability, giving employees the ability to see if rooms are free without walking around the floors manually looking. Airtames are also used in conjunction with a webcam in small rooms to give an improved Microsoft Teams meeting experience.

The organization plans to expand its Airtame fleet, to increase their use of the digital signage functionality. And when it comes to support, as Will states, “I am always impressed with the level of support I get from Airtame. The response is always timely and informative. They have never failed to solve my issues!”

Overall, Airtame has been an excellent solution for Centrica, solving their issues with meeting room technology, greatly improving room availability, and saving them time and money. When asked if Airtame has solved their issues, Will only had one thing to say: “Oh yes!!!!!”

See Airtame in action

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