The challenge

Holy Spirit Prep had been searching for an all-in-one, wireless screen sharing solution that would help make classes more interactive and give teachers the freedom to move around a classroom while presenting from their screen. They also hoped to find a solution that would be compatible with the range of devices already used by staff and students on campus, and allow them to utilize their existing projectors.

A solution that facilitates blended learning and saves money

After conducting some research, Holy Spirit Prep’s IT Manager, Allison Berry, identified Airtame as an obvious frontrunner. As the leading screen sharing provider for education in the US with positive reviews and a reasonable price point, Allison realized Airtame would fit seamlessly into the school’s existing projector ecosystem, as well as save them a lot of money on adapters and accessories that other solutions would have required.

Over the summer of 2020, Holy Spirit Prep commenced the rollout of an initial 25 Airtame devices, predominantly in the upper school. Teachers can now share and update their screen wirelessly, giving them the freedom to roam around the classroom without being inhibited by cables.

The school is also in the process of setting up a more comprehensive blended learning environment to support any students who need to learn from home, by installing Swivl devices in every classroom. With Airtame and Swivl installed, students learning from home will be included in all aspects of the lesson and can continue to view the teacher as they move around the classroom.

Holy Spirit Prep has also started to use the digital signage feature in the lobbies of the school.  This has been a highly requested feature by teachers to allow student government to post updates in real time to the lobby TVs.  Airtame was a great solution because it seamlessly blended into the Google environment of the school for digital signage.

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The verdict: Easy to use and excellent customer support

The initial Airtame rollout has been a success for IT administrators, teachers and students alike at Holy Spirit Prep. Teachers are empowered to move freely around the classroom and design more interactive lessons for students, and students will feel included in every aspect of the lesson, whether they’re in the classroom or learning from home. The installation of Airtame devices has also made life much easier for Holy Spirit Prep’s IT team.

“Airtame has been so effective for us so far. It’s very easy to set up and extremely intuitive, which makes everything more straight forward for us. I haven’t had a single question or complaint from a teacher about connecting to an Airtame device, whereas I have had these in the past with other wireless screen sharing solutions,” said Allison Berry, IT Manager at Holy Spirit Prep.

Allison added: “I’ve been incredibly impressed with Airtame’s support team. I’ve had a lot of experience setting up new technology systems, and have never had a faster response from a support team. Airtame walked me through the entire installation process, and are always on hand to answer any questions that pop up.”

See Airtame in action

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