Daniel Wellington is a young company that started from scratch in 2011. In a short time, they turned a watch into a booming enterprise with 3.1 million Instagram followers and over $200 million in revenue by 2015. The road to success was driven by the founder’s passion and vision.

Being a brand that is known for their style, it won’t surprise you to know their offices are as sleek as their watches. When the watchmakers behind Daniel Wellington opened their offices in the US, Europe, and Asia, they knew they wanted to go for a pure wireless solution from the start.

The freedom of wireless

Of course, wireless screen sharing is not all about looks, although it sure doesn’t hurt that the visual results are neat and clean, which creates a much better environment for productivity. It’s simple, really. The best cable management is no cable management.

When you’re collaborating, you don’t want the energy and flow of a meeting disrupted by fumbling around with cables, ports, and adapters. After all, it’s not just about working hard anymore, but about working smart.

A better way to work

Working life has evolved beyond the traditional cubicle desk. When you have the freedom to work as you please, your creativity skyrockets. Perhaps that’s why Airtame is such a good technological match for the modern day business. Airtame’s UX-focused design, matched with a focus on efficient simplicity means your office will look great while you get the job done.

See Airtame in action

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