The problem

ESCI-UPF is a small campus with 29 teaching spaces and a need to educate students remotely. Several of these spaces are distance learning equipped, with a variety of peripherals such as cameras and microphones. Previously, teachers did not like using these classrooms; they featured older projectors with low resolutions (640p and 720p) connected to laptops via cables. 

When the university upgraded these spaces with new 1080p projectors, they also focused on reducing the number of wires. They wanted a simple answer, as they do not have the resources to manage a solution that required constant technical support. In addition, with a small IT team of three people, teachers and staff would have to be technologically independent when using the solution.

A wireless screen sharing solution that’s user friendly

ESCI-UPF chose Airtame for their wireless screen sharing solution and have had Airtame devices in their distance learning spaces for four years. Christian Polo, IT Manager for ESCI-UPF, describes the installation as “amazingly easy.” With the devices active, their biggest issue is that the educators all want to use the Airtame enabled spaces. 

Before implementing Airtame devices, the university used an SDI connection for the projector in its hall for large-scale gatherings. This type of coaxial cable was very tricky to connect to laptops with – now, they use an Airtame device, which “works like a charm.”

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A favourite product among educators and IT admins 

From teachers to staff, Christian Polo finds that users on campus are “really happy with the Airtame product.” For example, the teachers for the Bioinformatics degree come from a variety of different universities, most of which have much larger campuses. These campuses also have wireless solutions, but the teachers favour the Airtame devices, particularly because they are compatible with Linux. 

What is Christian’s favourite feature from a technical perspective? Other wireless screen sharing devices can cause a lot of “chatter” on wifi networks and generate problems. Their Airtame devices do not have this type of impact on their networks due to their software. 

Eventually, the IT department would like to start using the Airtame device not just for screen sharing, but also for digital signage to display a gallery of images. In the words of the IT Manager, they would also like to “have an Airtame in every classroom!”

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See Airtame in action

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