The challenge

Like many corporations, the team at Haberkorn wanted to replace a cable-based presentation solution with a wireless one. Why? Because cables are impractical within a modern, BYOD (bring your own device) work environment.

They set out to find a simple, cable-free solution that could be centrally managed. The ideal solution would also need to be free of any additional equipment for the end-user. Moreover, it would have to offer good value and performance for the financial investment.

The solution that met Haberkorn’s high standards

Having found Airtame while researching wireless solutions, the team decided to test it out. A factor that helped to expedite the process was Airtame’s 30-day trial for online purchases. This offer meant they could easily start testing without any financial pressure or a minimum order requirement.

The initial evaluation concluded that Airtame was the right choice, having met the following requirements:
– Easy to use for the everyday presenter
– Easy to integrate within Haberkorn’s corporate network
– Reliable support for all devices, including Apple products
– Remote device management with Airtame Cloud
– Customized digital signage with Airtame Cloud

Today, you can find 40 Airtame devices throughout several of Haberkorn’s sites and 15 of their management offices. Digital signage (curated from Airtame Cloud) is used in conference rooms as well as managers, who can use their screens to visually track KPIs and company-wide progress.

Haberkorn building

The results

The team at Haberkorn has seen results not only in the improved feedback of internal and guest presenters but also in the reduced workload for their infrastructure team.

Easy maintenance in Airtame Cloud has freed up a lot of the time that used to be spent dealing with meeting room support. Firmware updates and digital signage are managed in bulk from one central platform. Having also invested in the much-anticipated PoE adapter, people from all levels of the organization trust in the reliability and ease-of-use of the Airtame solution.

What would they say to other companies considering Airtame? “Successful adoption can be seen in the fact that 99% of our presentations are now done wirelessly via Airtame. So try it, buy it and enjoy it!” – Martin Rainer, Head of IT at Haberkorn

See Airtame in action

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