Hult International Business School: Wireless Screen Sharing for Higher Education

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Hult International Business School: Wireless Screen Sharing for Higher Education

Hult International Business School is a young and modern educational hive for global go-getters. It was founded only 10 years ago and today their vision is clear: To offer the best possible business education with the quick-pivoting mindset of an entrepreneur ingrained in the teaching.







Keeping customers happy

Running a business school with campuses located across the world is not too different from running a global business in which students are the customers. As a nonprofit institution, it is crucial for Hult International Business School to think sustainably and make every penny count while delivering on their promise to prepare students for a future in business.

To remain sustainable, businesses need a healthy flow of both new customers and returning customers. Any Business 101 course can quickly tell you that the only way to achieve this is by keeping customers – or in this case, students – happy. Student retention is a reflection of the school’s effectiveness, and impressive results are what Hult works to maintain.

The students are my customers. If they are not happy they won’t recommend and refer the people they know. We want to deliver the best possible experience to everyone who comes here.

Tom Campbell, Campus Technology Manager

Keeping tech simple

We all want technology that just works, but no one wishes for seamless technology more so than an IT administrator. Previously at Hult, the IT staff had to do constant manual checks and repairs onsite. Getting wrapped up in menial tasks can make the day feel unproductive when it is spent running back and forth from the meeting room to the server room.

A laptop presenting wirelessly to a display connected with Airtame

Now that they have Airtames connected to their presentation screens, the IT department doesn’t have to worry about broken cables and missing adapters. The Airtame device is hidden out of sight and simple instructions on the table show new users how to connect to the screen.

More than just a tech product

Using Airtame has made it possible for Hult to simplify the tech set-up wherever they have screens. It’s about more than just eliminating cables. Airtame’s customizable background lets Hult show a slideshow with upcoming events and exams on every screen when people are not streaming to them so that everyone stays informed while on campus.

A student using a laptop connected to Airtame and a screen showing a customized background

Using Google slides with Airtame has also reduced the time for me to get content on the screens. I let our other staff create the content they need in PowerPoint, which is what they are used to. From there I can easily upload them to the Google Slides show that is already running on the Airtame devices.

Tom Campbell, Campus Technology Manager

Perhaps it’s Hult’s entrepreneurial spirit, but to Hult, it’s a big perk to work with a company that sees eye to eye with them and their values. Students benefit from using the latest technology to present and share information, and IT admins love our simple set-up and cordless appeal.

We love working with individuals and organizations to help them do their best work. You don’t only get Airtame’s hardware and software, but you also get a team on your side who feels personally responsible for making your workplace a well-oiled wireless machine.

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