The problem

With a campus spread across ten buildings, Kanti Baden has a large number of classrooms. Each classroom had a VGA connection with a personal display adapter for teachers to share their content to their screens. The adapters, however, led to their fair share of support calls, due to issues with the cables. The school began to look for a solution that would reduce maintenance costs while also reducing support calls. They tried several wireless screen sharing solutions but found they were either incompatible with their needs or too expensive.

The perfect wireless screen sharing solution for classrooms

A year after first hearing about the Airtame 2, Kanti Baden purchased a device to try. Within a month, they purchased another sixty. The Airtame 2 was the solution that ticked off all their checkboxes. The price was right, the performance was strong, they were cross-compatible with both Apple and Windows devices, and the accompanying software was easy to use. After an easy installation process, every classroom is now equipped with an Airtame 2. While they’re currently only used for screen sharing, displaying digital signage on their info boards may be a future use case.

Screen Shot 2022 03 16 at 3.55.23 PM

Eliminating wires improves the educational experience

“The use of Airtame 2 devices has allowed us to postpone a complete rewiring, and our loans of adapters have nearly been discontinued,” says Dominique Bugmann, IT-Supporter at Kanti Baden. Since they’ve installed their devices, they’ve had a reduction in adapter use, leading to a decrease in cable problems, allowing their educators to focus on what truly matters – teaching!

Screen Shot 2022 03 16 at 3.56.12 PM

See Airtame in action

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