The challenge

Keysborough College had been dealing with an all too common challenge; HDMI and VGA cables in their classrooms which would often break or go missing. Another drawback was that teachers were stuck at the front of the classroom whenever they needed to share material.

To put an end to the endless cable management, and to give teachers more freedom, the tech team began searching for a new solution. It would need to be wireless, and it would need to work with the various mobile devices and computers used by college staff.

A reliable solution — with great customer support

Different options were tested, and one of them was Airtame. The first two Airtame devices to arrive at Keysborough College were well-received. Teachers often use iPads with the iPad pencil, and with Airtame they could walk around the classroom with anything they wrote on the iPad reflected on the projector in real-time. In addition to using AirPlay from iOS and macOS, anyone working from Windows presented wirelessly with the Airtame app.

As the college installed more devices, their technicians occasionally reached out to Airtame’s customer support. Responses were quick and precise, helping the deployment process go smoothly.

Today, Keysborough College has 30 Airtame devices installed with the Airtame PoE Adapter for optimal performance. Technicians easily update and monitor devices, working remotely from the Airtame Cloud portal.

Keysborough college class

The results

When it came to the quantitative results of choosing Airtame, Robert Barton, eLearning Leader, explained that, “What you get is a very good product for the price…when you look at the bigger picture it’s well worth it to have a system that works. We were going through HDMI and VGA cables all the time and we’ve eliminated that cost.”

The fast installation and online cloud management had also made life easier for local technicians, and word of mouth has reduced the need for technical training.

“The cloud platform is really convenient and I’ve also been happy with the professionalism of Airtame’s customer support. They know their stuff and are also very easy to talk to. We haven’t had many issues, but whenever a question has come up it’s been sorted quickly.”
– Tim Seav, Technician

“It gives you more freedom; as an educator you need to have the physical freedom to move around the classroom, and that’s what we have now. It really encourages class participation, which is great to see.”
– Mimi Ng, Teacher

In terms of qualitative results, teachers have been the biggest advocates of Airtame’s ease and simplicity, spreading the word and volunteering to show colleagues how to use it. To quote Robert Barton once more, “It’s been a big win for our college.”

See Airtame in action

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