The challenge

No single cable works with every TV and projector. Having a different cable for every kind of device creates clutter. Cables often break and need replacing, making them unreliable. Teachers shouldn’t have to worry about showcasing their class material.

With the above in mind, Lärande decided to look for an alternative and modern wireless screen sharing solution.

First and foremost, the new solution had to be cross-platform to ensure that teachers and students could present from any device. It also had to fit with the TVs and projectors in their 160 classrooms. It had to provide cable-free presentations and digital signage and work reliably and updates had to be smooth.

The solution: inclusive, reliable and scalable

“In the beginning, we tested Apple TV, which didn’t work with our corporate network,” explained Ole Lidegram, Chief Information Officer at Lärande. “We also tried AirParrot, which didn’t perform consistently. Then we gave BenQ a go but it was too expensive to deploy in each classroom.”

After testing different solutions and scouring the web and various tech magazines, Ole found Airtame. The first purchase was for seven devices to test at Lärande headquarters. Today Larande have 217 Airtames. Each device is securely connected to a projector or TV and integrates seamlessly with the corporate network.

The staff and students use Airtame for wireless screen sharing. It only takes two clicks to present – one to open the app and another to start. Presenters can also use AirPlay from iOS devices as an alternative to the app.

Airtame-equipped screens at Lärande display the day’s schedule, news, weather, lunch menu, inspirational quotes and greetings. This is all done through the Google Slides integration available within Airtame Cloud. Local content owners and administrators get to choose which options they prefer and update content regularly.

Larande classroom

The results

Airtame has been a scalable and inclusive solution for Lärande. Teachers can now move freely around the classroom, making learning more interactive and improving class participation. Since anyone can connect to Airtame, there’s no excuse for not engaging. The greetings and news displayed around the school add to the sense of community.

“I’m confident that when we run the numbers we’ll find that Airtame saves money in the long run, especially when it comes to making the lessons more effective with zero loss of lesson time regarding connectivity issues. In the past we were dealing with astronomical costs – about 19,000 Euros per year – just to fix and replace all the different cables and adapters. Swapping out the cables for Airtame has meant getting rid of such recurring issues and costs, we are very satisfied. It’s a democratic solution; anyone can use the system because both presenting and managing devices in the cloud is easy and flexible. I appreciate the open dialogue with Airtame in regards to future updates, which has been key to establishing trust.” – Ole Lidegran, Chief Information Officer

See Airtame in action

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