How Lesara improved productivity and efficiency using Airtame’s wireless technology

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How Lesara improved productivity and efficiency using Airtame’s wireless technology

Lesara is a multimillion dollar online fashion retailer serving over 4 million monthly customers with over 100,000 products available online across 24 European countries. Wireless technology helps them streamline collaborative work.



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Innovative and agile retail

Founded in 2013 with just five members of staff, Lesara has rapidly grown to a team of over 300 people, holding offices in Berlin and China.

Their unique approach to sourcing and supplying clothes and lifestyle products uses trend analysis technology to spot real-time fashion and lifestyle products/trends across the world, immediately sourcing and supplying the latest fashion across Europe. This technology was developed in-house by Lesara’s team of tech savvy developers.

Put simply, Lesara bring the future of fashion to the doorstep of Europe, trend by trend.

But to do this efficiently, they need speedy collaboration across their global offices, using the best technology available, to make communication fast and smooth.

Lesara was one of the first companies to harness the idea of agile retail in the fashion world. They cut out the middleman and sell direct to their customers. They use their own specially developed trend analysis tool to identify the latest fashion trends at the very moment they emerge. They source their data from Google, social media, and blog posts, collating this data to pick up on the latest fashion trends

Lesara’s trend analysis tool is a fantastic way of predicting the future of fashion and quickly supplying over 4 million customers with the latest threads from around the world.

Fashion and big data

Lesara rely on the latest technology to manage their offices, keeping track on the wealth of data around fashion trends across the global market. They are constantly monitoring what has sold well in the past, and what is starting to become fashionable today, so that they can source and provide the trends of tomorrow.

We track so much of what was selling in the past, the last week, the last season, so technology is really there every day and every minute.

Meike Schrankel, Head of Women’s Fashion Merchandise

Lesara’s integration with the latest technology and data trends make Airtame a perfect partner for their global office collaboration.

Working faster and easier

In a fast-paced working environment with multiple meetings each day, Airtame has made communication faster and easier for their global workforce.

Since introducing Airtame, meetings have run much more efficiently, with multiple staff now able to share their screens at the click of a button.

This collaborative sharing of thoughts and data is crucial for Lesara’s day to day trend analysis. Airtame has enabled the staff at Lesara to enhance their productivity by allowing instant access to multiple data streams across their global offices,

The simplicity of Airtame has allowed it to integrate quickly into both offices. Simply plug Airtame into the screen that you wish to use, login to the Airtame software via the company WiFi network, and click to share your screen. It’s that simple.

The gratification of having this technology available has cut down meeting times and sped up data sharing. In a global company of this size, increased productivity is paramount for achieving growth and success. It’s also much simpler for the staff to communicate, making staff happier and more successful on their day to day work.

Image of three Lesara employees participating in a meeting

Enhanced professionalism

As a huge global fashion powerhouse Lesara pride themselves on successfully sourcing and onboarding new clients in order to extend their product range.

When approaching and negotiating with a new client, it’s crucial to show them that they are tech savvy, forward thinking, and professional.

Airtame has helped Lesara display all their data to potential new clients in a sleek and instantaneous way. Cutting out the clutter of cables, and loading times for standard programs and projectors.

It’s really necessary that you don’t spend the first five or ten minutes of a meeting just figuring out which cable goes where. When you are giving a presentation for onboarding or anything like that.

Julie Görgen, Head of People and Culture

Potential clients love the fact that Lesara are embracing new technologies. They are impressed when they see a cable-free screen sharing application that offers instant access to the facts and figures they need to make their business decisions.

The beauty of Airtame is that visitors to the offices can also share their screens by simply connecting to Lesara’s WiFi network and selecting an office screen to project too.

Integrating wireless technology

Now that Airtame is fully integrated across both of Lesara’s global offices, any member of staff can use the software, any time of day, to display whatever they have been working on.

All they need to do is connect to Airtame via Lesara’s WiFi network and choose a screen to share their work on.

Because Lesara are forward thinking and professional, they are now working on an internal app that they can integrate with Airtame in order to share company tools across their internal network.

They want to maximize efficiency when using the AirPlay iOS mirroring feature, so their programmers are working on an all in one system that will help to put all the company’s tools in one sharable place.

Image of Airtame 1 device plugged into a TV

Airtame can be used alongside internal applications to help share more information, and to enhance team collaboration, making projects slicker and easier to complete.

Airtame has helped Lesara to use integrated technology that works beautifully with the systems that they already had in place within their offices.

Due to the discounts available in bulk orders, Lesara have fully kitted out both offices with multiple Airtame devices. These are used on their collection of screens and computers throughout both sides of the global business.

Airtame has offered Lesara an affordable solution to rapidly enhance global productivity for their team. Employees’ lives are made easier on a day to day basis by embracing Airtame’s wireless technology.

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