The challenge

The city had been looking for a solution that covered two distinct needs. One was wireless presentation capabilities for their conference rooms, the other being a content management system for marketing. Their original goal was to have the ability to manage digital signage on screens throughout the city, such as in the lobbies of public buildings, where they could engage with residents while they wait for permits or forms. With a switch to hybrid meetings, their conference rooms now included attendees calling in on conference platforms, raising the need for a solution for casting these calls to their screens.

Wireless screen sharing for hybrid environments

From the results of their search, it seemed as though they would need two distinct solutions. The ones they found that covered both issues tended to be difficult to manage or were locked to a specific platform. However, after 18 months of searching, the city discovered Airtame devices. 

“The installation was pretty simple,” says Andy Lefgren, IT Manager for the City of Ogden, “you look on the back of the device, find the number, go into the cloud, and you can start managing it.” After trialling 3 Airtame devices and getting positive user adoption, they increased their order to 78 devices after just a few months. Once users discovered they could wirelessly screen share through an Airtame device, they agreed it was the solution they needed. 

With their rollout, anyone who was a city employee could now walk in and wirelessly present in any conference room or office. Whether a group was physically in a room, or it was a hybrid environment, a user could cast to the Airtame within a room and share information. As Andy states, “In my book, it was a no-brainer. The device is not tied to one operating system, and it’s a secure environment.”

IMG 5600

Easily managing content across departments and locations

Since their adoption, the city has expanded their use of Airtame devices to digital signage and content management. With the development of application integration in Airtame Cloud Plus, they can now manage content on their external apps. Using applications such as OneDrive Gallery and Youtube, different organizations across the government can create relevant content. From the Parks and Recreation department promoting recreational events to the IT department publishing information on Cybersecurity Month, any lobby can showcase upcoming events and services. With Airtame Cloud, the IT department can easily manage devices and see what content is playing across their 15 locations.

In their Emergency Operations Center, 4 TVs that had separate controls were replaced with 12 new screens, which are managed through Airtame devices. Now, the center has increased its agility, as any employee can come in and present at any given time, from relevant news articles to social media feeds. Important information can easily be shared among staff in the same room. “The devices have proven their point,” says Andy, “that technology can do more complex operations without adding complications. It is a product, from the hardware to the software, that we don’t have to worry about.” 

In the end, one of the best features of the Airtame devices is their simplicity. As Andy stated, “I don’t need a separate product for content management, for conference rooms, and for streaming. It works, I don’t have to worry about it, and I don’t have to train my staff on how to support it.”

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See Airtame in action

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