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Parkland School District

Parkland School District is located in the Lehigh Valley region of Eastern Pennsylvania. The school district has eight elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school with a total of 9,300 students.





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The challenge

Parkland School District is progressive in terms of technology, but they previously experienced that many other “better learning” products fell short of their needs. For example, they had a handful of teachers with software installed on their laptop to allow them to mirror a phone or tablet, but it was buggy, tough to manage, and not easily scalable.

They wanted a solution that all teachers could use as well as something that could be deployed in all of their schools without the extra hassle – and at a manageable cost.

The solution

At first, Parkland School District decided to pilot Airtame in all the classrooms of one high school. Not too long thereafter, they rolled it out to every school in the district.

Before rolling out Airtame, Parkland School District had Chromebooks in cart, meaning not every student had a Chromebook. It made more sense to only give teachers access to Airtame at that time because not every student had a screen to screen share from.

Not too long after rolling out Airtame, however, they decided to invest in individual Chromebooks for each student that they would be able to take home. This made the Airtame setup much more convenient as every student now has access to presenting on the big display in the classroom.

They tried a wireless setup to begin with but because the WiFi wasn’t stable enough to carry a good connection, they decided to hardwire most of their Airtame with Ethernet adapters, which made the whole setup more reliable and stable instantly.

The results

Using Airtame, students at Parkland School District have experienced a more open dialogue with their teachers, rather than a more rigid, one-way approach. Teachers are able to move freely and share the front of the classroom with students, making students an integrated part of their own learning experience and amplifying their voice.

“Providing a learner-centric environment is perfectly in line with the type of education and pedagogical instruction that the school district wants to ensure,” says JR Renna, Coordinator of Educational Technology in Parkland School District. “It’s really no different than when you walk into a classroom and turn on the light switch, and the lights just come on and we really don’t think about it after that,” continued JR Renna.

Teachers say that that classroom management has significantly improved after embracing the Airtame technology, and at the same time given students more agency. Airtame is the most reliable and easy to manage platform for wireless projecting that Parkland School District has found. They iterated that the support they received from Airtame was better than any other players in the market.

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