The challenge

At a large corporation like Schneider, consistent and efficient communication and information sharing is central to daily operations.

As part of a digital transformation project, Schneider set out to find a wireless screen sharing and digital signage solution that would be easy to use, centrally managed and simple to roll out across its many office environments. The solution needed to be reliable and work effectively across factories and production environments in order to share communication slides. It also needed to facilitate access to spreadsheets and dashboards, which are commonly used throughout Schneider’s factories to track tasks and progress.

The solution for Schneider’s factories

After an initial research period and reading an Airtame blog post, the team at Schneider decided to test out the full Airtame solution.

During the testing period, Guillaume Lafforgue, one of Schneider’s Digital Transformation Leaders, was impressed by Airtame’s combined screen sharing and digital signage capability, which is centrally managed through Airtame Cloud. The absence of cables and dongles was also a plus, making factories less cluttered and presentations more flexible. Airtame’s ease of use was another major selling point, both in terms of the setup and the day-to-day running of the solution.

Schneider is now using 100 Airtame devices across 20 different factories throughout Europe, including France, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

Schneider factory

The results

Today, teams across Schneider’s European factories are embracing Airtame as an all-in-one screen sharing and digital signage platform.

In meeting rooms, wireless screen sharing is used to collaborate and share ideas. The ease of connection means visitors and guests don’t waste time downloading software in order to connect to the Airtame device. Anyone can share their screen from any device, without hassle. Displays in meeting rooms are also personalized through the Homescreen app.

In reception areas and cafeterias, the HR department shares tailored Google Slides presentations to remind staff of important health and safety information and procedures.

Displays in department spaces are used to feature dashboards and spreadsheets during morning meetings. This way, teams know what their goals are for the day and can easily monitor how different projects are tracking.

Schneider is also utilizing the Sleep Schedule function across its factories, saving energy and money by scheduling screens to power down when the workday is done.

“Airtame is a plug and play solution that’s simple to install and easy to use. We’re planning to expand our Airtame fleet to new factories in the near future, including our Headquarters in Paris,” said Guillaume Lafforgue, Digital Transformation Leader at Schneider.

See Airtame in action

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