The challenge

As a forward-thinking school system, administrators consider in-class collaboration an essential component of learning. For instance, lessons are often taught using a projector rather than a blackboard. Learning is further enhanced when students can collaborate, and that, in turn, requires both students and teachers to access and share screens in the classrooms.

Schulverbund München had tried a screen sharing solution but there were challenges, chief among them was device compatibility. All students in Schulverbund München’s schools use iPads, while the teachers use Windows-based tablets. The troubleshooting was time consuming, and the school received inadequate technical support for their needs from their vendor.

The second challenge was access. Their existing solution required students to use a cable in order to access the shared screen but that wasn’t working out. They’re schoolchildren, after all, and kids are prone to lose, misplace or break small accessories. Meanwhile, the Windows tablets used by the teachers don’t even have ports to allow them to connect to a projector.

The schools needed a device-agnostic, fully wireless screen sharing and collaboration platform to support a more positive learning environment.

The solution

The school opted to implement Airtame for education, a reliable, user-friendly screen sharing solution. Because Airtame is fully wireless, teachers have the freedom to present lesson material and interact with the students from anywhere in the classroom.

Airtame is fully device agnostic, which means both the teachers and the students can access the screen sharing and collaboration platform using their Windows tablets and iPads respectively.

Because Airtame easily connects to the classroom projectors, implementation was quick and easy, and teachers are spared the burden of complicated hookups. In fact, little training was required to make both teachers and students alike adept screen sharers and collaborators.

The results

The entire school body was pleased with the enhanced learning environment enabled by the Airtame devices. And teachers were delighted that they and their students could access the screens quickly and seamlessly.

The school was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Airtame’s technical support. “Airtame’s support is extraordinary,” said Dr. Florian Huber, Principal of Schulverbund München. “We are very satisfied with the user-friendliness. Not only is it easy for teachers, but it’s also easy for students, for our setup … everything.”

See Airtame in action

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