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Schulverbund München

Schulverbund München is a forward-thinking school network in Munich consisting of eight private schools, one primary school, four middle schools, and three upper secondary schools.





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The challenge

In all of Schulverbund München’s schools, students use iPads only and classrooms are equipped with projectors. Teachers use Windows-based convertible tablets. They wanted a technology that was tailored specifically to their learning environment. The challenge was to find a state-of-the-art screen sharing solution that was compatible with iPads, Windows devices and projectors – and one that wouldn’t interfere with the work of the teachers.

The solution

Airtame works well with iPads because it functions with native AirPlay. Operation is easy for all users – even easier than using cables – seeing as students and teachers can instantly screen share without any additional or changed settings.

On the Windows-based laptops for the teachers, the wireless connection to the projector with Airtame works just as smoothly. For this purpose, the Airtame App was only installed on all notebooks.

The Airtames could be easily connected to the projectors in classrooms so that teachers didn’t have to worry about the setup as it is literally out of their hands. It took minimal internal training to educate teachers about how to use the device, and students already had a sense of screen sharing with AirPlay.

The results

The school network was pleasantly surprised by the quality of Airtame’s technical support, and this was one of the main reasons they chose Airtame. Both the speed and quality of responses and bug fixes made the effort to implement new technologies almost disappear.

“The excellent support is extraordinary,” said Dr. Florian Huber, Principal of Schulverbund München. “We are very satisfied with the user-friendliness. Not only is it easy for teachers, it’s also easy for students, for our setup … everything.”

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