The challenge

The old presentation setup at VINCI consisted of outdated monitors with VGA cables. With only two sets to share between 12 meeting rooms in their head office, the technology had to be wheeled around on a stand.

The challenge for the IT team was to initially transform the head office meeting rooms so that each had its own wireless screen sharing solution that integrated with a new video conferencing setup. Once the head office was fully equipped, the next step would be to deploy the solution across all UK sites.

An innovative, low-maintenance and scalable solution

When it came to researching the best cable-free solution, the team tested out Airtame as well as another professional AV solution. Once the trial period was through, Airtame was chosen due to three key factors.

– The first factor was Airtame’s constantly improving cloud-based solution. The IT department at VINCI wanted a solution that was evolving, and Airtame was the perfect match.
– The second was that Airtame came with less hardware to maintain and manage.
– The third deciding factor was cost-of-ownership, with Airtame representing a more scalable investment than the competing solution.

Today, screen sharing works seamlessly within 80+ meeting rooms, with updates and digital signage managed from a single place in Airtame Cloud.

The results

The IT team has seen a significant reduction in support tickets. They used MSI to install the Airtame app on all company laptops, helping presenters to get started right away. Since installing Airtame and deploying the app, meeting room support requests have gone down to zero per day.

The start time of a meeting used to be as long as 15 minutes. “This was providing a really poor experience for our visitors and internal staff when they wanted to use the large screens in the meeting rooms,” explained Craig Watson, Technical Analyst. “The thing that visitors love now is that as soon as they are connected to our wireless guest network they know that they will be able to connect in under 10 seconds each time. It’s a stable and convenient solution that works so well for us!”

In addition to increasing productivity and engagement in meetings, Airtame has also benefited more public spaces. Digital signage is on display in the reception and break out areas. Showcasing the most recent work of VINCI Construction spruces up the professional image throughout the building. Custom messages have also helped to create a welcoming atmosphere. All in all, Airtame’s wireless presentation and digital signage solution has improved the experience of both employees and guests.

See Airtame in action

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