Display a website or KPI dashboard on TV

Connect Airtame to your WiFi and choose your dashboard or website. Enjoy a functional TV background that will keep your team on track. Need to switch between dashboards? Easily change it with a few clicks.

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Already got Airtame? Set a dashboard on your TV

Display KPI dashboard
Display KPI dashboard small


Plug in

Plug Airtame into the TV and power it up using the USB cord.

Customize your settings by following the setup guide


Set up

Connect Airtame to your WiFi to give it Internet access.

You can connect to both personal and enterprise networks



Choose the website or KPI dashboard you want to show. That’s it.

Currently, we don’t support sites with Java, Flash, and WebGL. Check the full list
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How to use KPI dashboards

GoMore use AIRTAME’s cableless HDMI capabilities to display KPI dashboards that keep the teams productive.

Show key metrics and live data

Dashboard on TV
Dashboard on TV small

KPI Dashboard

Show team progress by displaying key metrics and numbers on your office TVs. When the whole team can visualize real time data, everyone can focus on the right goals.


Display a website that’s especially relevant for your company. Or showcase your brand by displaying your own company website or logo for visitors to see.

Custom app

Build a website or service for your needs. At Airtame, for example, we display a custom-made website that plays a sound when we make a sale. Our whole team stays informed on our progress and shares a little cheer.

Need some help?

How does this work?

In Dashboard mode, Airtame is like a mini computer running a normal web browser like the one you’re using to view this page. Instead of showing all the toolbars and search fields like a normal browser, Airtame shows only the content from the website you give it. To set up a dashboard: Find your website or dashboard. Copy the URL. Open the settings of your Airtame. Paste the URL. Click apply settings and Airtame will load your dashboard. Check out our full guide on how to set up a dashboard .

Can I show pages requiring login?

No, unfortunately not. But you can use sites like Geckoboard and Yoke.io to connect all your services to a dashboard. Dashboards can display live information on your Airtame, as long as the dashboard is publically available (i.e. does not require login to view).

Can I set any website or dashboard on Airtame?

No, not yet. This feature is still in beta and we are working on both performance improvements and supporting more web technologies. We currently don’t support things like Java, Flash, and WebGL - Check out more here .

Can I still connect and stream content from all my devices?

Yes, you can! We always show the name of the Airtame and the WiFi info in a small bar at the bottom of the TV screen, so it’s easy for everyone to connect. When you stop streaming, Airtame will keep showing the dashboard or website you set it to.

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