Google Slides for Digital Signage

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Google Slides for Digital Signage

Try our Google Slides app for digital signage

If you’re looking for an easy way to turn your TV into an info screen, try out our native Google Slides and Airtame is an easy digital signage solution you might not have thought of. That’s why we have created our very own Google Slides App, as part of Airtame’s Homescreen functionality. It allows you to easily sync a presentation to your standby or home screens, and open up the possibilities of digital signage.

See how Hult Business School uses Google Slides with Airtame.

Let’s walk through some of the interesting things you can do with Google Slides.

If you’ve ever needed to display information to a public screen, you know that most digital signage solutions out there are most likely expensive and hard to set up.

We found a way to turn your TV into an info screen. Whether you need to display the lunch menu, the agenda from Monday’s product meeting, or you want to share pictures from the Christmas party, we’ve got you covered.

How the Google Slides app works with Airtame

The great thing about Slides is that it’s collaborative and shareable on the web. Easy to use, easy to share.

Here is how it works

  • Enable “Homescreen” view on your Airtame Cloud account.
  • Select the device/devices that you want to show your Google Slides on.
  • Click on “Switch App”.
  • Select the Google Slides application.
  • Log in to your Google account.
  • Select a slideshow and chose a time interval to show each slide.
  • Click “Save” and then “Apply changes”.

A moving image showing how to use the Google Slides App with Airtame

Memory intensive slideshows will not load on the Airtame device. You should therefore refrain from inserting images larger than full-HD (1920×1080) into the presentation. It should not take up more than 150mb of total memory (RAM) usage. Using transitions between slides is not recommended, as they won’t render nicely on the screen, due to hardware limitations. Read more about setting a dashboard with Airtame

Google Slides + Airtame

Here are 3 uses cases to give you some inspiration

A moving image about an Airtame employee

The Onboarding Presentation

Introduce your team to your latest hire by making a short presentation with fun facts about your new team member. It’s a nice way to break the ice and make your new employee feel welcomed.

Make the presentation in Google Slides, then share it on a public TV screen to let everyone know who the new guy in Sales is.

Try out Google Slides and Airtame for onboarding using this sample URL.

\A moving image about the Google Slides and a cafeteria menu

Cafeteria Menu

What’s for lunch? Put the cafeteria menu into a Google Slides presentation and Airtame will display it on a big screen. Everyone can see at a glance what’s on the menu.

Try out this weekly cafeteria menu to see how it looks on the big screen.

And don’t worry if your cafeteria staff forgot to include the desserts section in the menu. You or your coworkers can update the presentation with the missing section. Then, either reboot your Airtame or simply start a new stream, then stop it to update to the latest version of the presentation in a matter of seconds. Easy, peasy.

A moving image about Airtame Workathon

Team building events

Team bonding is important. What better way to create good vibes around the office than by sharing fun team photos.

Upload some pictures into a Google Slides and you’ve got a quick and easy way to share memories from the last company event. Not to mention, it’s a great conversation starter when guests stop by.

Copy/paste this URL from one of our Workathons to see Airtame and Google Slides in action.

Other great use cases and tips to get started

Google Slides and Airtame are two versatile tools that work well with each other. These were just a few of the uses we could think of, but we’re sure you can think of more.

Use cases

  • Welcome your clients by putting their logo on your office TVs. Make a template and switch out the logo for each client, to save yourself some time.
  • Share a company calendar or a meeting room calendar.
  • Transparency is the new thing. Share sales and other metrics for all to see.
  • Show some school spirit with pictures from last night’s varsity football game.


Get started with Google Slides and Airtame for digital signage with some quick tips:

  • Set timing for min. 10 seconds to give Airtame time to load content.
  • If you edit the original document, make sure to reboot your Airtame to update to the latest version of your slideshow. Alternatively, you can also try starting, then stopping a new stream.
  • Avoid excessive animations and transitions, which will take longer to load.
  • Share the Google Slides document with your team members, and anyone can edit or update the slides.
  • Use Google Slides to present charts and other visual data (that is, if you don’t mind updating the information manually.
  • Create a presentation in PowerPoint if you need more tools, then import into Google Slides.
  • Edit your Google Slide in offline mode and your slideshow will update the moment you’re connected to the internet again.
  • Edit your Slides on the go with the Google Slides app for tablets and smartphones.

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