Introducing the Airtame PoE Adapter!

Airtame PoE Adapter

Harness the Power of Ethernet

The Airtame PoE Adapter lets you power your Airtame 2 through a PoE connection over USB. Together with our Aircord and a PoE-enabled network, you have a 3-in-1 solution that powers your Airtame, connects it to your network, and plugs into your display screen’s HDMI.
No additional installation needed.

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Reap the benefits

Using the Airtame PoE Adapter comes with some powerful advantages.

Save money

Skip the expensive electrician. With PoE, you save installation and maintenance costs.

No extra installation

Use your pre-existing Ethernet cable infrastructure and avoid complex electrical wire installation.

Boost network performance

Increase your network performance 5x more with Gigabit Ethernet.

Clean and simple

Easy to install, easy on the eyes. Everything you need to create the perfect cable-free environment.

Plug in and go

Our PoE Adapter and Aircord are a match made in networking heaven, giving your Airtame 2 power, network connection, and HDMI to connect to your TV or projector.


Time to accessorize…

Explore our other accessories designed to help you create a clutter-free setup that’s easy to install and maintain.


Extension Cord

The Airtame Extension Cord extends the range of the Aircord power cable by 1.8m/6ft.

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Ethernet Adapter

Prefer to just use Ethernet? It won’t power your Airtame, but our trusty Ethernet Adapter makes it easy to hardwire your Airtame device for a stable network connection.

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